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Mike Marko Publishes Post On How To Use Facebook For Marketing

July 13, 2018 – – Mike Marko, owner and founder of Cincinnati, OH based digital marketing agency IM Consultant Services, regularly releases information on different elements of building a successful online presence. He has now announced the release of his latest blog post titled, ‘How to Use Facebook for Marketing Your Business’. This article provides pertinent details on the effective strategies for using Facebook as a marketing tool.

Mike Marko himself explains: “If you’re a beginner, it can be difficult to manage your business page and expect to see progress immediately. Progress can be measured by an increasing number in engagements (likes, comments, etc) and most importantly, followers. But don’t let yourself get disheartened by the lack of progress.”

Marko points out that competition is very strong on Facebook, which is why it can be difficult to build any real engagement quickly. Nevertheless, there are a variety of strategies available that can be of benefit. Knowing how to use Facebook properly significantly increases the chances a business has to become more visible.

The blog post delves into a variety of strategies that businesses can implement in order to successfully use Facebook for marketing. These include creating a great profile that comes with a relevant profile picture and cover photo and that has the ‘About’ section fully completed. Furthermore, knowing how to use Facebook marketing means having a customized call-to-action button in place. Also, Marko explains the importance of the 3-second rule, which means they have to know all the important information within three seconds.

The blog post also highlights other important strategies, which include uploading good posts and content, promoting and selling products, and engaging with customers in a fun way. Marko continues: “Don’t forget to engage with your customers. Remember that an active community keeps the page going.”

IM Consultant Services being a full service digital marketing agency offers a wealth of other tools and services aside from providing strategies on how to use Facebook for marketing. These include social media marketing, blog content writing, website design, SEO, branding, search engine marketing, press releases, pay per click, online marketing funnels, and email marketing. Furthermore, they offer consultations on implementing the Pervasive Presence strategy, which aims to help businesses ensure that their message is placed in front of their ideal customer.


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