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Mindful Running Becomes A Reality

Mind/Body Sports Pioneer Dr. Mike Spino Says “Mindful Running” Increasingly Popular – Speaks To Benefits

Acworth, United States – November 30, 2021 /MarketersMedia/

Michael Spino, Ph. D., is a well-respected leader in the field of mind/body sports, of which he was instrumental in introducing to the American public decades ago, and not only is it still going strong but it is increasingly popular. As more health-focused individuals hear about it, Spino says, “Mindful Running becomes a reality.” In fact, he says, “Running has become a generational word.”

Dr. Spino’s original work on mind/body sports has, without question, outlasted any competitors. Industry watchers say nothing compares — and it is true — Spino’s work retains the authenticity of the master coach’s originality. For Spino, it all started in the early 70s, when, after attending Syracuse University where he was on the LA Track Club. He began teaching his Beyond Jogging classes and became an integral, original member of a group of pioneers in the sport mental training movement.

“I’ve coached people for many years and I’ve found that if I apply different gaits and tempos and evaluate them carefully that people can improve in their cardiovascular capacity at least ten to fifteen percent over a six to eight week period. How do I do that? I do that by carefully evaluating where they start, placing them in the correct categories, and right from the beginning training mentally and physically at the same time in what we call our Periodic Sequencing technique. That means when you’re doing something in the first week that you’re doing exactly the correct mental training to interact with each other.”

“Each week you will learn different techniques that you apply to what you’ve learned before. You see your improvement. The best thing is that every day you know exactly what to do. If you have little problems, you’ll know how to recover from injuries, you’ll know how to use your breathing techniques, you’ll learn how to become a totally integrated person and you will see you really improve.”

Michael Spino, Ph.D. is the founder and CEO of True Champion, Spino Running, and The Mindful Runners, as well as a recreational running coach. He attended Syracuse University where he set records in the mile and cross country. Dr. Spino teaches in the graduate program of the Kinesiology and Health department at Georgia State University in Atlanta. He published his first of six books on the mental and physical aspects of the sport, and for over a decade taught hundreds of workshops.

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