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My Bikini Belly program: Shawna Kaminski claims Long Workout Hurt FatLoss effort

A new fitness program has unraveled secret for 35+ women to achieve bikini belly in just 21 days. By designing workouts strategy that turn off menopause molecules and lay more emphasis on Metabolic Activation Training, Shawna Kaminski My Bikini Belly ebook set to help millions

Seattle, United States – October 1, 2015 /PressCable/

A new fitness program that could help women over the age of 35 get rid of fat deposits and gain a bikini body within a period of 21 days has been launched. The announcement for the launch of My Bikini Belly program was made few days ago with many fitness experts in attendance. My Bikini Belly was developed by Shawna Kaminsky. The revolutionary idea in My Bikini Bellly workouts focus mainly on how a unique 30 Second Ab Trick could be used to switch off womens’ “Menopause Molecules” in order to gain flatter Belly within short period of time.

It is a common knowledge that women over the age of 35 usually have had time losing belly fat. The main culprit for this occurrence is one little gene called “menopause molecules” which is mostly activated in women over the age of 35. During the launching, Shawna Kaminsky said “most women usually make the situation worse and make belly fat impossible to lose because of the type of workouts they engaged in”. She further stressed that “it is possible to even see increase in belly fat if the workouts are not done in a way that make “menopause molecules” work for you”.

My Bikini belly workouts are developed based on the ideas of reversing how “menopause molecules” work in a way that will help women achieve bikini belly within three weeks. Shawna Kaminsky concluded her remarks that “the My Bikini Belly PDF detailed a blueprint of a 21-day workout program that will help any woman above the age of 35 reset their hormones in a way that will boost their metabolism and shred their belly fat within the 3 weeks’ time frame.

When asked about how strenuous the workouts in My Bikini Belly program is, Shawna Kaminski answered was somewhat surprising. “That’s the trick, studies have shown that long and strenuous workouts can actually cause hormones to work against fat loss efforts” she said. “What we have revealed in My Bikini Belly ebook is details of shorter and specific workouts called, Metabolic Activation Training, which help activate body’s natural systems to work along with optimal level of fat burning in the body”. She concluded that the whole ideas premise on designing workouts and nutrition in a way that, Turn off your menopause molecules, Turn on your fat-burning hormones, and Turn up your body metabolism.” This is one of the things the 30 Second Ab Trick, the metabolic Activation training, and the unique My Bikini Belly nutrition guide will help to achieve: she concluded.

A number of workouts review experts have also carried out intensive review of Shawna Kaminski program. One of these of Mike Dan of www.weightlossreviewshub.com. In his reviews of My bikini Belly workouts, he concluded that “Shawna Kaminski has unravel a secret that will be of tremendous benefit to many women as far as getting rid of fat belly button in concerned. It is also a program designed to improve the overall heal of the users without the stress that comes with most traditional workouts programs. I think My bikini belly download will be a perfect fit for you if you are seeking for ways to transform your body without having to starve yourself or undergo hours of cardio. It is one of the smartest move anyone can take at the moment to achieve bikini body and get rid of the belly fat within short period of time.”

In conclusion, it seems My Bikini Belly is going to be another fat loss factor in the making. It is an amazing program that many have started giving testimonies about within just 2 weeks of launching. The program comes with great fitness tips (secrets), workout plans, exercises and muscle building techniques women need to get the body the type of bikini body they want. You can read more about the program in the link below.

For more information about us, please visit http://www.weightlossreviewshub.com/my-bikini-bell…

For more information about us, please visit http://www.weightlossreviewshub.com/

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