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Natural Bully Sticks Company Comments on Pet Obesity

July 13, 2018 – – In the United States, reports recently revealed a consistent increase in the number of pet obesity-related cases for the past 6 years. Excess weight can place pets at risk for many health problems. Veterinarians believe that it can lessen the pet’s life expectancy by more than two years.

Obese dogs and cats can face serious health complications. According to medical research, pets may suffer obesity complications similar to humans particularly high blood pressure, diabetes, respiratory disease, kidney disease and cancer. Fort Lauderdale based natural bully sticks brand, Wylife Pets, is currently running a campaign together with pet owners to raise awareness regarding pet obesity.

“Obesity in pets is risky. Pet owners need to be cautious of their pet’s diet and the quality of treats they give. Creating regular exercise routines for pets is also crucial. Pet owners should take this seriously,” said Wyldlife Pets. The company also advised pet owners to secure scheduled routine wellness exams with their veterinarian. “This is the most effective way to get started on monitoring the dog or cat’s weight,” said Wyldlife Pets.

Wydlife Pets encouraged pet owners to reduce the number of times they reward their pets with treats. “Overfeeding pets is easy and most pet owners can become completely unaware of it,” said Wyldlife Pets. Giving treats as rewards and/or giving pets table scraps can quickly add too many calories to their diet.

Buying quality food is also important. Pet owners should choose quality dog treats for their pets and serve it at its recommended amount. Overfeeding is another reason why pets can be overweight. Best to give pets natural dog treats that contain natural ingredients and real meat. “Pet parents should watch out for fillers like corn and flour. So make reading the labels a habit,” warned Wyldlife Pets.

Experts also recommend scheduling playtime with the pets. Exercise and activity are important to cats and dogs as they are with humans. Pet owners should allow a good amount of playtime daily so they can put those calories to use.

Maintaining a healthy weight also reduces the pets’ risk of disease and injury and contributes to a better quality of life and longer life expectancy. Excess weight can reduce an animal’s life expectancy by more than two years, and even a modest reduction in weight can significantly reduce a pet’s risk of many life-threatening diseases. To learn more about different ways to keep pets healthy, visit Wyldlife Pets’s official website – http://wyldlifepets.com/.


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