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Nearby Lemoore, CA Pest Control Business is Expanding

September 13, 2019 – – Nearby pest management service, Termite and Pest Control in Lemoore, is expanding their employees with a new hire, Cordo Ortiz. The company stated that Cordo is the first of many staff that will be added to provide new bed bug treatment services and that they are excited to welcome him to the team.

Hiring Mr. Ortiz will allow Termite and Pest Control in Lemoore to supply their services in more locations near Lemoore, CA and permit the organization to offer its clients a broader selection of pest elimination services. Cordo’s specialty is fast and friendly pest control, with advanced experience in bed bug removal and termite inspections.

“We are proud to welcome Cordo to the family,” said the General Manager of Termite and Pest Control in Lemoore. “Cordo is committed to providing superior service to our clients in the Lemoore area and expanding our ability to provide pest control services with the most up to date tools and technology.”

“We requested that Cordo work with us to ensure that we could take advantage of their bed bug extermination expertise. He’s been do this work for quite a while, so we’re pretty excited to see how the process improves,” stated the company.

“So far the training has been spectacular, I love the team I’m working with. Termite and Pest Control in Lemoore really cares about their people and that flows down to the customers,” said Cordo Ortiz, “We’re using the most current technology available to take care of pests.”

Based in Lemoore, CA Termite and Pest Control in Lemoore is a pest control service provider specializing in Commercial and Residential bed bug, rodent, and termite removal throughout Lemoore, CA and surrounding areas. For more information, visit: https://termite-and-pest-control-in-lemoore.business.site

Termite and Pest Control in Lemoore has been a leader in the provision of insect removal services for the last 10 years, with a full-service team strategically located in Kings County the company offers all categories of pest extermination that are delivered with the urgency their customers require.


For more information about Termite and Pest Control in Lemoore, contact the company here:

Termite and Pest Control in Lemoore
(559) 545-0836
Lemoore, CA 93245


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