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New App Offers Free Uber And Bar Finder For Best Nightlife Experience

December 06, 2018 – – Qorum is a new application for smartphones that offers those in Los Angeles and other major cities the best possible adventure. The application is easily downloaded to any smartphone and in return, provides information about various bars, nightclubs, sights and other city amenities.

Bill Satler, a spokesperson for the company says, “This is the best mobile application you have ever used. Not only is it easy to download, it gives you so much information, so many perks and generally makes your life easier. Whether you want to grab a drink with friends and need a good Uber driver or you want to find the best bar in the city, Qorum makes it happen for you.”

Bill Satler says that the new application can be downloaded to any smartphone via Google Play or the Apple store. He states that it is the perfect companion for those who are visiting a city for the first time as it offers insights and information about bars and restaurants as well as other amenities. For those not sure what to do while in Los Angeles, the new mobile app gives information about various sightseeing opportunities as well as area restaurants and bars. It also features reviews from others who have visited these places so that users can choose the best possible place for their needs.

“It’s like having a little pocket guide for all of your travels,” says Satler. “But, unlike a regular pocket guide, this one is on your phone. You can pull up any restaurant or bar or an Uber driver and contact them directly through the application so there’s no remembering phone numbers or losing an important number.”

Satler says that the application is designed to improve on the nightlife experience, offering a better way for users to enjoy their night out. The application will provide a selection of chosen bars, as well as insider discounts, mobile payment options and Uber drivers for a safe ride home. Satler states that anyone who is planning a night out needs this application in order to ensure that they arrive safely at home at the end of the evening.

He states that the application is partnered with top names in the bar scene so that users genuinely receive the best possible experience. He states that the application is not just for partiers, however. Venues can also join the application to be included in the search results that users receive. The app is collaborated with Uber so that users have a safe night out without worries of being able to find a cab or otherwise driving after they have been partying.

Satler says that the application is backed by technology that is currently pending patent. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Qorum is available for both Android and iOS and provides relevant information for a number of major cities throughout California and other states. Satler says that as more and more users become part of the family, the company hopes to add even more cities and more bars and restaurants within those cities to eventually include all major metropolitan areas in the United States. He says that currently, the application offers information on various places to see and things to do throughout San Francisco, Los Angeles and other cities in California.

Those who are traveling to a new city or who simply want to get out for a night on the town in their home city can use the mobile application to find the best places for drinks and dinner as well as to grab a safe ride home. Satler says that this new mobile application is one in a million and offers a number of benefits to those using it. Those living in or around these cities in California or those who are planning a visit, either for work or personal reasons, can use the mobile application to make their going out at night a bit safer and more fun. The company’s website offers more information about the new app and how to use it.


For more information about Qorum, contact the company here:

Jesse Grillo
800 Wilshire Blvd. #200, Los Angeles, CA 90017

ReleaseID: 60023358

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