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New iTunes Podcast On Selling Foreign Language Rights Released

August 22, 2016 – – Daniel Hall Combined Enterprises has released a podcast on iTunes designed to help authors market and earn from their content in foreign languages. The podcast shows how authors can sell foreign language rights to their books to various international publishers with the advantage of boosting their credibility. The podcast can be accessed through

Luanna Rodham from Daniel Hall Combined Enterprises says: “Our new Real Fast Results podcast provides people with actionable and implementable steps on how to sell foreign language rights. It focuses on marketing strategies and list building, emphasizing important and little known tactics. Additionally, it covers issues such as time efficiency, productivity, and passive and recurring income opportunities.”

Those who want to access the podcast or learn more from Real Fast Results and Daniel Hall are encouraged to visit Selling Foreging Language Rights Even If You’re a Self-Publisher. This provides them with information on how someone can sell foreign language rights, even if they are a self publisher. This information has been provided by marketing expert Elliot Katz.

Daniel Hall Combined Enterprises is also keen to highlight the development of a new in-ear translator, which is known as The Pilot system from Waverly Labs. This wearable device will be available starting September 2016 and will enable people to receive live, in-ear translations in French, Spanish, Italian and English. This is an excellent tool for those looking at content in foreign languages.

“The new Pilot System by Waverly Labs is a cool little gadget,” explains Luanna Rodham. “It will be available in September and we recommend it to marketers who work on international markets, as it will assist them in getting the most out foreign content, and also with spoken information, something that will set them apart from their competition, because they will actually be able to communicate to a certain degree with other people across the world.”

More details about the new Pilot System are available at. It can also be pre-ordered, thereby ensuring that people will have their gadget as soon as it hits the shelves. If they have had time to enjoy the new podcast first as well, they will have a very competitive edge.


Contact Daniel Hall Combined Enterprises:

Luanna Rodham
1001 Harbor Lights Dr.

ReleaseID: 60011177

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