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New Orleans Auto Repair Shop Gets Five Star Reviews

September 24, 2018 – – NOLA Automotive Repairs, based in New Orleans, LA, is proud to announce that they have been receiving mostly five star reviews on their Facebook page. They offer services for tires, maintenance, engines, steering, transmission, suspension, AC & heat, brake jobs, auto detail, diagnostics, auto detail, and cheap oil change in the New Orleans area. Additionally, they now also offer a free shuttle service.

A representative from NOLA Automotive Repair says: “NOLA Automotive Repairs has been offering car repair services in New Orleans for more than 19 years. We are so happy to have received so many five star reviews, which only indicates that our years of striving for excellence have borne fruit.”

For example, Elizabeth M., who gave the service a five star rating, says, “Phenomenal service! Quick, honest, and talented repair shop. Firestone said it would cost over $1K to fix my air conditioning, but I took my car to NOLA Automotive Repair for a second opinion. I’m sure glad I did. They had my AC fixed within hours and for a mere fraction of the price quoted by Firestone. Not to mention they dropped me off and picked me up from work in the CBD while my car was being worked on. Thanks guys!”

Gilberto W. also gave NOLA Automotive Repairs five stars and says, “I highly recommend these guys for awesome steering repair in New Orleans! I got myself a smoother ride after they repaired my power steering. And the service is very affordable, too!”

Aside from auto repairs and maintenance, NOLA Automotive Repairs also provide auto detailing services. The representative explains, “Our auto detailing services vary, depending on your needs. We offer both exterior and interior detailing to ensure that your vehicle looks good from the inside and outside. Some services usually take time, but we guarantee you it’s worth the wait. Don’t worry about not pampering your car enough – we got you covered in that department. Our roster of auto detailing services have all the latest practices, techniques, and products to suit your needs.”

The services included in auto detailing are window cleaning to ensure safe driving especially during snowy and rainy days, vacuuming of the interior, deodorizing to ensure that the car smells good, degreasing and scrubbing because grease can cause to engine and other parts to malfunction, vacuuming of the trunk, steam cleaning as a new way to clean the car without damaging the engine and other parts, and treatment of the vinyl and leather upholstery.

Meanwhile, NOLA Automotive Repairs has now gone beyond simply providing car repair and detailing services. They now have a fleet of vehicles in order to provide commercial transport service. With this service, they aim to help businesses in the New Orleans area transport equipment and heavy-duty tools safely. The fleet is made up of vans and trucks that are regularly maintained to ensure that they are ready for use whenever businesses need them.

The NOLA Automotive Repairs representative points out that their fleet management team ensures the proper functioning of their commercial transport service. They keep track of the various operations that make up the service, such as financing; tracking and diagnostics; fuel; maintenance; safety management; and speed. The management team checks all of these elements to make sure that no major problems will appear unexpectedly once the vans and trucks have been sent out for transport.

The representative points out that they always have a strong focus on service and safety. They also ensure that clients are aware of the possible consequences should any problems arise in the service. To minimize such risks, NOLA Automotive Repairs always checks the vehicles before and after they have been used. Their standard protocol is to make sure that the engine, brake system, steering and other parts are functioning properly during these checks. The company can also provide assistance to clients in choosing the appropriate vehicles for transporting the items that they require in a particular destination.

NOLA Automotive Repairs ensures the quality of the repair and detailing work that they provide by ensuring that their mechanics and other staff have the necessary certifications. The representative points out that they have certifications for engine repair, advanced level specialists, engine performance, manual drive train and axles, heating and air conditioning, electrical and electronic systems, service consulting, and advanced fuel delivery systems.

Those interested in getting more information or want to book an appointment are encouraged to contact NOLA Automotive Repair through their website at https://www.nolaautomotiverepairs.com/. The company offers free, no obligation quotations and the opportunity to book for any repair job online.


Contact NOLA Automotive Repairs:

2100 Earhart Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70113, USA

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