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New Podcast Offering Freelance Writing Tips Released

August 22, 2016 – – Daniel Hall Combined Enterprises has announced the release of a new podcast that contains information and tips for freelance writers. The podcast explains how to write for Entrepreneur.com, Fortune.com, Inc.com & Huffington Post.

Luanna Rodham with the company explains, “Such online content, really well written content that is, will dramatically increase your credibility and help to establish you as an expert in your field.”

In the podcast, Lain Ehmann discusses various ways that freelance writers can boost their chances of having their work published. She goes over points that help writers to stand out to editors of major publications.

In the podcast, Ehmann says that coaches, speakers, consultants, and authors who want to raise their visibility need to “build their platform up higher, having that ‘seal of approval’ from Entrepreneur.com, Fortune.com and Inc.com, that helps establish their authority and helps the audience trust them.”

She states that “authority bling” conveys authority to the author, which in turn ensures that readers have more trust in what they have to say. More about “authority bling” can be seen at.

Ehmann states that authors can also bring in new viewers when they are published in a high profile publication or on a high profile website, because again, people assume that they have authority in their niche. She states that in her personal experience, most publications allow the authors to plug their name in, which is another selling point for their own writing.

The podcast also outlines the process of getting published, and helps writers to determine the best way to approach these publications, and how to ensure that editors will view their works and give them more than just a passing glance.

Rodham points out that the podcast is a must for anyone who wants to reach higher levels of authority, particularly those who are attempting to establish themselves as experts in a particular field. More about being published and learning how to effectively write for high profile publications can be seen at the Authors Guild.


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