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New Sub-brand Plant Tissue Culture Launched at Lifeasible Recently

– March 31, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

Lifeasible, a biotechnology company specialized in agricultural science that offering a wide range of agro-related services and products for research use, now applied its expertise in plant tissue culture and launched a specific sub-brand for the certain field.

Plant tissue culture is a technique in which part of the cells or tissues of a plant are separated from the mother plant and cultured under appropriate conditions to enable them to grow, develop, differentiate and proliferate. The principle is totipotency differentiation ability from plant cells, that is, a certain type of cells in plants, which can develop independently and differentiate into complete plant adults. Plant tissue culture can cultivate a large number of plants with a small number of mother plants, which makes plant tissue culture have many uses, such as basic botanical and genetic research, as well as breeding and variety retention in agriculture.

Lifeasible has extensive experience and mature technical systems in plant tissue culture. As an expert in the field of plant tissue culture, the company only provides customers with the best quality plant tissue culture services, including but not limited to detoxified seedlings, tissue culture solutions, and diversified products.

Services at Lifeasible Plant Tissue Culture mainly include: Ornamental Plant Tissue Culture, Succulent Plant Tissue Culture, Garden Plant Tissue Culture, Medicinal Plant Tissue Culture, Cash Crop Tissue Culture, and Rare Plant Tissue Culture.

A wide range of products are also available at the new sector, like plant growth regulators, antibiotics, biochemicals, plant tissue culture media, etc. As well as various solutions including solutions for artificial seed preparation, solutions for plant detoxification, plant sources compound development solutions.

Lifeasible has also built important technology platforms covering: open tissue culture platform, sugar-free micropropagation platform, the rapid non-tube plant propagation platform, and bioreactor platform in plant tissue culture.

“We have created a comprehensive system in plant tissue culture, covering hundreds of families and genera of plant tissue culture and related content. Our goal is to complete your projects as quickly, efficiently and professionally as possible. And we will continue to expand the number of plant species that can be cultured.” Commented the one of the representative speakers from Lifeasible.

To explore more about the new sub-brand “Plant Tissue Culture” at Lifeasible, please visit https://pts.lifeasible.com/.

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