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New York, NY Chiropractor Receives New 5 Star Review And Discusses The Differences Between Their Practice Vs Physical Therapy

November 08, 2019 – – Better Health Chiropractic PC, a New York, NY based clinic that aims to provide relief to patients who seek professional assistance from a successful chiropractor, is proud to announce that they have received a new 5-star review from a satisfied client who was treated for lingering back pain. On this occasion, the attentiveness of the clinic’s leading chiropractor has been praised—Dr. Alex Eingorn’s abilities are held in high regard within the community.

The clinic enjoys a perfect review rating of 5 Stars on the Google platform, where they have received the following review, written by Sarah Ireland: “Dr. Eingorn gives the best adjustments! His kind manner helps me relax into the adjustments and he’s very thorough and considerate in his assessment. He shares his considerable knowledge in a very accessible way. He’s healed my lower back pain. I’m super grateful for his work.”

Given how prevalent back pain is among individuals of all ages, Better Health Chiropractic PC and Dr. Eingorn have become the preferred option for treatment in the region. Many patients state that this preference is due to the experience that the local practice brings to each session, alongside the attention and effort that is put towards each individual case. They are also able to successfully determine the source of a patient’s discomfort with great accuracy. Learn more here: Chiropractor For Back Pain New York NY.

“Back pain is an especially common problem for many individuals, regardless of age, and determining its source is crucial when it comes to treating it effectively,” states Dr. Eigorn. He adds that, unfortunately, a variety of reasons (that vary from one person to another) can cause back pain. These variations can make determining the source of a patient’s back pain a challenging task, where only the most experienced chiropractors can ensure success and complete recovery for their patients.

“The only way to guarantee that you have a successful recovery, and ensure that there will be no return of these issues in the future, is to visit a professional chiropractor in New York. At Better Health Chiropractic PC, we are determined to help our patients overcome their chronic pain and find relief once and for all. We employ all of the tools at our disposal to make the recovery process as seamless as possible for our patients, through the use of natural methods.”

Better Health Chiropractic PC and Dr. Eingorn possess extensive expertise in spinal decompression, spinal alignment, and other holistic, all-natural treatments that can ease a patient’s discomfort in record time. They assert that they can address whatever issue a patient may have, holistically, and work on a deeper level to try and understand the various aspects of life that are negatively impacting their health and wellness. Once these have been determined, the clinic explains that they will devise a treatment that will be the most beneficial to their patients, helping them overcome their back pain and fulfil their right to live a normal life. More information on these practices is available in an article published by Digital Journal, available here: Chiropractor Vs Physical Therapy New York NY.

Their commitment to helping their clients achieve a fulfilling life, free of pain, is evident when looking at their conduct. They employ an integrated approach that includes nutrition, emotional and spiritual balance, analysis and treatment of toxicity, and traditional medicine. These practices are complemented by several chiropractic treatments, including Spine Alignment, Spinal Decompression, Mind-Body Therapy, Joint Rehabilitation, Mindfulness, Meditation, and so on.

Dr. Eingorn’s clinics serve several areas within New York City, ensuring that patients have a practice near them regardless of their location in the state. Some of their locations include Alphabet City, East Village, West Village, Chelsea, Clinton, Yorkville, Upper East Side, Roosevelt Island, Lenox Hill, Upper West Side, Manhattan Valley, Lincoln Square, Waterside Plaza, and more.

Those in need of a chiropractor for back pain in New York, NY may reach out to Better Health Chiropractic PC to schedule an initial appointment with Dr. Alex Eingorn and determine the source of their discomfort. Furthermore, Dr. Eingorn invites patients all over New York to reach out to him if they have any further inquiries. Learn more here: Chiropractor For Neck Pain New York NY.


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