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Note Brokering & Investing Explains How Note Brokering Works

September 14, 2019 – – Note Brokering & Investing recently issued a public advisory to help interested parties understand the process of note brokering and investing. They also shared a number of useful tips and guidelines for those who want to become successful in the note brokering industry.

As noted on the company’s website, Note Brokering is the process of finding an individual who carries some form of a promissory note and finding a note buyer or investor who wants to purchase the note. The middleman, known as the note broker, gets a commission or a spread from negotiating a deal between the note seller and buyer. The note buyer funds the transaction and then pays a commission fee to the note broker at closing. A note is considered sold when the transfer of documents from the seller to the buyer have been recorded and the proceeds are fully disbursed.

Simon, a representative from Note Brokering & Investing, explains that the most popular notes are real estate notes and business notes but there are other forms of promissory notes that also appeal to investors. He states that, generally, a mobile home promissory note with land holds more value, but many investors are also interested in buying a mobile home promissory note by itself. Simon also points out that mobile home notes are very popular with self-directed Roth IRA investors since they are usually considered fairly small notes. Similarly, note buyers and investors are highly attracted by business notes, legal action notes, and mortgage notes, among others.

Note Brokering & Investing also issued a number of useful tips and guidelines to help note brokers establish a strong presence online. First and foremost, note broker websites are expected to be compatible on all types of devices, including desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. Next, the website must be user-friendly and responsive, with an average loading time of less than two seconds. The site should also have an SSL certificate and improved data security features to protect the sensitive data of its users. Moreover, Simon highlights the importance of having a great Homepage, About Us page, Privacy Policy section, Contact Us page, and an online submission form where note owners are able to request a quotation or ask for more information about the note that they want to sell.

Simon also shared a number of methods by which interested parties may generate note broker leads effectively. They include direct mail approach, video marketing for note leads, local SEOs, national SEOs, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and more.

Note Brokering & Investing buys and sells real estate and business notes of all shapes and sizes. They also provide training to help people learn the benefits of note brokering and investing in promissory notes.

Simon says, “There just isn’t a simpler way to invest in real estate other than investing in real estate notes. Real estate notes are like mortgages and, when you decide to invest in one, you are basically acting like the bank, with the homeowner paying you their mortgage payment. It’s like owning a piece of property without having to deal with expensive maintenance costs and bills. When you invest in notes, it gives you the flexibility and full control over your investment. You decide when to sell or hold onto it, enjoy the fixed income that comes with it, find investors to split the income with, or simply sell it and enjoy the profit.”

In conclusion, Note Brokering & Investing asserts that investing in real estate notes offers comparable returns to buying a piece of real estate after factoring other expenses, including management fees and maintenance costs. A note owner can also flip or wholesale a note, just like an actual house, and get a significant profit from it.

Complete details can be found on the company’s website, where they also publish informative blog posts to help note sellers and buyers identify the best time to purchase, sell, or hold real estate notes or business notes. Alternatively, interested parties may submit an online form through their website to learn whether a specific promissory note is investment-grade or not. Furthermore, clients may connect with Note Brokering & Investing by submitting an inquiry through their dedicated Contact Us webpage.


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