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NUAH, a Global Decentralised Movement, Launches a Universal Basic Income Program

NUAH OS allows for easy crypto mining that forms the basis of a UBI program. Download now for a decentralized future.

Switzerland – April 29, 2023

NUAH, the groundbreaking technology that is rebuilding the financial system from the ground up, has announced the launch of its downloadable operating system and associated blockchain. With this launch, NUAH is activating Universal Basic Income for everybody on the planet, providing financial relief and empowerment to potentially billions of people around the world. To bring this vision to reality, many users must adopt and use the technology.

The current revolution of Artificial Intelligence is often compared to an “unstoppable genie that cannot be put back in the bottle”. Within the next 3-5 years, this technology is expected to impact over 90% of all jobs on the planet, rendering them redundant or fundamentally transformed through AI software and robotics. To address this massive economic shift, a Universal Basic Income system based on new currencies will be necessary. This is precisely what NUAH is working to create.

The NUAH OS, which runs on top of (and does not replace) Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, is available for download on Microsoft and Mac (soon also on Linux), and allows users to mine various NUAH cryptocurrencies through four main pillars.

Users can earn coins by:

  1. Browsing the internet with a privacy browser that offers DNS encryption and ad blockers;
  2. Playing entertaining games;
  3. Inviting others to download NUAH;
  4. Obtaining tradable mining cards.

The coins earned through mining can be held or instantly exchanged with one click to other coins, including stablecoins like USDn, which are pegged 1:1 in value with the US Dollar.

These exchanges are executed on the NUAH financial markets, which run seamlessly in the background and are empowered by decentralized blockchain technology.

The income generated from mining forms the basis of NUAH’s Universal Basic Income program, which is designed to provide financial relief and empowerment to people all over the world.

The program ensures that every citizen receives various monthly payments, reducing financial stress and enabling individuals to focus on education, personal development, and other matters. NUAH OS makes interacting with Web3 effortlessly simple. The intuitive user interface solves one of the biggest problems in crypto – the complexity of the technology. With NUAH, the goal is to create a point in history similar to the “home computer brew club,” where Steve Jobs and Bill Gates decided to make the computer intuitive enough for mass adoption.

NUAH’s mission is to build a new, global financial system from the ground up. The system will be decentralized via the NUAH blockchain, which features confirmation speeds of 1-3 seconds and is currently processing 5000 transactions per second. With almost zero gas fees, the platform provides an ideal “cure” in these times of deep economic recession. NUAH is creating the ideal platform to replace the existing legacy financial markets – one that can run separately from and parallel to the existing system we experience every day, providing more possibilities for trade and commerce amongst its peers.

The launch of NUAH marks a bold attempt to create the largest humanitarian project ever organized. It holds the potential to solve poverty and scarcity while creating prosperity and economic abundance for everyone on the planet. NUAH creates the financial resources needed to finance game-changing technologies for humanity’s future, empowering a new, scientifically-based global economy.

The NUAH project was announced to the world in December 2022, and only 15 months later, the downloadable NUAH OS and associated blazing-fast NUAH blockchain were launched.

Through crowdsourcing, NUAH aims to further develop the NUAH OS with many more features, giving everyone complete access to all that is Web3 for free.

NUAH is now available for download, and everyone is invited to participate in this historic project that will benefit individuals, communities, and society as a whole.

Visit the website: https://nuah.org/

Contact Info:
Name: Kama Woj
Email: Send Email
Organization: NUAH
Address: Switzerland
Website: https://nuah.org/

Release ID: 89096254

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