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Pensacola Interior Landscaping Company Hosts National Indoor Plant Week September 16-20, 2019

September 13, 2019 – – Pensacola, Fla. – A local Pensacola interior landscaping company, Heroman Services Plant Company, is the regional representative of National Indoor Plant Week. This is a nationwide effort to increase awareness of the value of having healthy, well cared for live plants in indoor environments.

National Indoor Plant Week was established to increase public awareness of the importance of indoor plants and their many benefits. Only some of these benefits include cleansing the air to make it easier to breathe. As Heroman Services likes to say, “The oxygen doesn’t arrive until the plants arrive.” Statistics have proven that indoor plants increase morale in the workplace and homes. “The plant is such a miraculous living thing if it is kept healthy and allowed to provide its many benefits.” Stated Cerys Heroman, Registered Landscape Architect.

Real-life office studies have been conducted to measure the direct relationship between clinical health complaints and plant installations in Pensacola. Recorded health improvements in offices where interior plants were added were significant. Results show a large reduction of complaints among employees in the areas of fatigue, headache, coughs, and their overall well-being.

Further, numerous studies have shown that plants have a positive psychological impact on people. According to a recent study, employees exposed to interior plant settings demonstrated better attitudes and positive emotions such as happiness, friendliness, and assertiveness.

To learn more about National Indoor Plant Week or the Benefits of Plants, contact Heroman Services Plant Company at 850-936-6969 or visit their website at www.HeroManServices.com


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