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Perseverance Pest Control Warns That Spring In Indy Means Bugs

April 16, 2019 – – Perseverance Pest Control, based in Fishers, Indiana, warns residents of Indianapolis and neighboring areas that spring means pests begin to be more active. Thus, residents need to prepare by getting the services of a reliable pest control firm serving Indianapolis and nearby areas. The pest control Fishers Indiana company serves both residential and commercial customers.

A spokesperson for Perseverance Pest Control says, “Now that winter is over and the temperatures are more conducive for animals to be out on the open, more pests are likely to find their way to the home or building as they search for food. A team of experts from Perseverance Pest control can conduct a full inspection of the home, the yard, and business establishments.”

As the temperatures climb up, many pests in Indiana, including mosquitoes, aphids, earwigs, ants, spiders, millipedes, ticks, termites, and rats, are expected to come out of hibernation and become active again, which means more problems for homeowners and property owners.

Perseverance Pest Control maintains a blog on its website to provide helpful information regarding pests. For instance, one recently posted article provides some information regarding earwigs in the home. Earwigs may look a bit intimidating but they are not poisonous and do not carry disease. They like to eat sprouts and decaying vegetation, which are are plenty during spring. Thus, they can be bothersome as garden pests particularly because they tend to cluster in large numbers. And because they are nocturnal insects, they are sometimes difficult to discover.

Another example of common pests in Indiana during spring are beetles. Beetles tend to search for stored grains and packaged foods, which will likely bring them to the home or yard. Beetles can enter the home through cracks in doors, window frames, including the house foundation. They are considered as pests because they tend to eat fabrics, wood, or packaged food.

And then there are the house flies, which are the most common insects all over the world. The problem is that they feed and breed on garbage, rotting food, feces and other unclean things, which makes them potential carriers of disease. These diseases can be dangerous to both humans and pets. This is where the services of a pest control Indianapolis company become very valuable. Flies can spread diseases that can cause dysentery, poisoning, tuberculosis and many more. Homeowners can minimize fly infestation by keeping the home clean. However, it is a good idea to have experts inspect the home or establishment to determine the type of flies present and where they have deposited their eggs so that these can be eliminated. The experts have the knowledge and training to identify the breeding sites during inspection.

And, of course, there are the mice and rats and other types of rodents. Rodents like to enter a home through small cracks and crawl spaces. Rodents are pests because they destroy many things in the home. For instance, they can chew on electrical wires, which could result into a fire. They can chew on stored grains and other stored food, which renders the food no longer fit for human consumption. Pest control experts can identify these entry points so steps can be taken to block them, thus preventing rodents from entering the home.

The company conducts a four-step process for getting rid of pests inside the home. These are: full inspection, indoor treatment, protection of perimeter, and regular monitoring. In simple terms, they identify the pests, get rid of the pests, create a safe and protective barrier from the outside, and then ensure that the pests are barred from returning to the home.

Perseverance Pest Control is owned by Sarah Wenger, Matthew Hall, and Brian Cable. They serve the counties of Hamilton, Delaware, Boone, Hancock, Johnson, Hendricks, Madison, Shelby, Marion, and Morgan. Those who want to know more about their pest control services and get updated regarding their activities can check out their Press Advantage page. People can also visit their website or contact them by phone or by email.


For more information about Perseverance Pest Control, contact the company here:

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