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Personal Injury Attorney Accepting Plaintiffs For Park Lawsuit

September 21, 2018 – – The Law Offices of Parente & Norem, P.C., based in Chicago, Illinois, recently announced that they are accepting plaintiffs in a lawsuit where many parents and children were injured on a slide installed in Maggie Daley Park.

The $60 million dollar park opened in Downtown Chicago in December of 2015. The slide, called the Tower Spiral Slide, was billed as the main attraction at the park. Standing at nearly 25 feet tall and boasting of three spiral sections, the slide quickly became popular with local children. However, within two months of the slide’s opening, eight incidents of lower body injuries on the slide were reported.

“What started out as a fun place for kids to play quickly became an injury-prone ride,” says a spokesperson for Parente & Norem. “And the problem only became worse as the weather warmed up and more and more kids used the slide. The number of injuries went up as well.”

The increase in lower body injuries prompted an investigative report on the slide. In August of 2015, local news channel NBC 5 Chicago reported that at least a dozen people had been injured on the slide, many of them reporting broken arms and legs. One mother says her 5 year-old son went down the tall slide, only to flip over and send his teeth into his lip. He had to be taken to urgent care because of the incident. Another parent suffered a grisly injury when he rode with his daughter on the slide, causing his leg to break in two places. “It was the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life, there’s no question,” the father told a reporter.

The report also mentioned the number of 911 calls to the park having escalated in the months after the park opened, landing so many people in the hospital that the nurses have told patients coming in from the park they have seen dozens of injuries from that park alone. One mother remarked, “The orthopedic resident joked the injuries were keeping him in business.”

The slide remains in the park, unaltered from its original state. “Meanwhile, kids and their parents are still suffering broken legs, ankles, arms, and other injuries from the slide while nobody does anything about it,” a spokesman for the firm says. “If you or your child has been injured on the Tower Spiral Slide, we urge you to join the Maggie Daley Slide Lawsuit today.”

In the lawsuit, some of the defendants named are the private companies hired to build and inspect the slide, as well as the Chicago Park District, and companies that were involved in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of the slide.

The spokesperson from the firm adds: “The fact that people still are being injured on this slide, years after its construction, is clearly a form of negligence. Parente & Norem are committed to ensuring that parents and their children are compensated for their injuries from this slide.”

Personal injury cases are not the only area of practice for the law firm. They also specialize in slip and fall accidents, work place accidents, wrongful death, defective products, transportation accidents, and more. The firm believes in giving every client the specific attention they deserve. They note that they are not a “referral house” and personally see every accepted case until the resolution, including trial and appeal if necessary.

With many years of litigation experience, the firm has built a significant network of investigators and experts in order to help maximize the chances of success for each client. They employ a wide range of authorities they use appropriately in cases to ensure that their clients get the best outcome, from medical experts to safety standard professionals. They hope to do the same for the plaintiffs in the slide lawsuit.

The spokesperson concludes, “If you or your child has been injured on the Maggie Daley slide, we strongly urge you to come in and see us. No one should have to go to the hospital on a day that they should have been having fun, not to mention have to suffer twice because of hospital bills. You deserve to be compensated for your pain, and we can help. You can give us a call or visit our website and fill out a simple form, and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.”

To learn more about the lawsuit, or to find out about the services that Parente & Norem provide, those interested can visit the law firm’s website. The firm can also be found on Facebook.


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