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Personal Injury Attorney In San Diego Discusses Victim Options

April 08, 2019 – – A personal injury attorney San Diego, California recently spoke out about personal injuries and the options that victims have in these cases. Brett Geruntino says that many victims who are injured at the fault of someone else are unaware that they even have options.

“It’s sad,” says the San Diego attorney. “Many people are injured by someone else’s negligence and these victims often have no idea that they have every right to be compensated for those injuries. At the very least, victims should receive compensation that takes care of any medical costs related to their injuries.”

Geruntino says that in today’s society, people are quick to want to take to the courts to settle things. He says that there have been so many ridiculous lawsuits over things that could have been very easily settled out of court that victims of real cases, such as personal injury, are often afraid to even think about legal representation.

Geruntino, who works with Acclaim Law Group in San Diego, says that it is time that consumers know that if they are injured at the fault of another person, they have rights. He says that his firm is dedicated to helping consumers to better understand and to protect those rights.

“Let’s say someone has a dog, a neighbor for instance,” says Geruntino. “Now, let’s say that this dog is known to be aggressive. In fact, the dog has been reported but the owners have done nothing to take care of the problem. Now, let’s say that this dog bites a neighbor. That neighbor has every right to seek compensation for their pain and suffering through the courts. People need to know that certain actions make others responsible for injuries that they may cause.”

Geruntino says that while most consumers know that they have certain rights when it comes to being injured, some do not. He states that his firm desires to reach out to those who are unaware that they have rights when it comes to being injured at the fault of someone else.

Statistically, personal injuries caused by another party account for millions of dollars in medical expenses every year. Geruntino says that these medical expenses are often the responsibility of the party at fault and that someone who is injured by someone else or due to someone else’s negligence needs to know that they are well within their legal rights to seek compensation to pay for these medical expenses, as well as any loss of income due to not being able to work and other suffering that they may endure.

One of the reasons that some victims fail to pursue compensation may be because they know the person at fault. For instance, a dog bit victim may not want to take their case to court because they are friends or neighbors with the dog owner. Geruntino says that anyone who is on the fence about pursuing a personal injury case should contact the firm to speak with a qualified attorney and learn more about their rights.

Those who are interested in learning more can contact the law firm on their website at http://acclaimlaw.com/ or call or email them to schedule an initial consultation. The attorney states that the firm can schedule a no obligation consultation to discuss any personal injury case with potential clients where they can enlighten them on their rights as a victim and the process that will need to be taken in order to secure that compensation.

Geruntino states that victims of personal injury need to know that they have rights. He says that his firm is happy to explain those rights and to help victims who have been injured in seeking the compensation to which they are entitled. Those who are interested in learning more can contact the firm through their website or directly to schedule their initial consultation to learn more about their rights and whether or not they have a valid case.


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