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Physician on FIRE Outlines Passive Income Streams For Healthcare Professionals

Physician on FIRE has outlined lucrative passive income streams for healthcare professionals. These income streams, which include medical surveys that pay cash, can help healthcare workers earn a side income in their spare time.

Cheboygan, United States – January 4, 2021 /MarketersMedia/

Given the current state of the world, earning a passive income is appropriate for anyone. Healthcare professionals may be well paid in most states, but there is nothing wrong with having some extra money to spend.

With informative pieces on his personal finance website, Physician on FIRE founder Leif Dahleen, MD shares strategies with other healthcare professionals that he was able to use to earn a passive income in the later years of his career. Establishing several streams of passive income, which included participating in equity crowdfunding and real estate opportunities as well as responding to medical survey questions, helped him make enough money to retire early.

Leif spent several years working as an anesthesiologist before he was pushed in the direction of FIRE – “Financial Independence, Retire Early”. He began understanding the advantages of how financial independence could enable him to retire early. Then he spent time researching several passive income streams, trying them out for himself, and chronicling his experiences.

Medical surveys are one of the most reliable ways to earn extra money as a healthcare professional. These surveys do not take more than five to fifteen minutes to answer, with some being even shorter, and they can help healthcare professionals earn anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars a year.

Through Physician on FIRE, Leif outlines the best websites for medical surveys he has found. These sites are appropriate for healthcare professionals in various specialties. Some pay out in cash, while others offer credit that is redeemable in the form of gift cards.

Medical surveys are an excellent way to earn a steady side income, but they are not the only stream of passive income Leif discovered during his years in the healthcare profession. When the idea of early retirement first popped into his mind, he began researching various avenues for generating passive income.

Physician on FIRE highlights some of the most lucrative streams, which include interest from checking and savings accounts, dividends from stocks, real estate investments, and investments in personal finance websites. The blog on passive income streams also goes into detail about Leif’s plan to activate four more streams of passive income, which include his 457(b), 401(k), capital gains and social security benefits. Not all of these options may be suitable for every healthcare professional, but those who do have the ambition of retiring early can lay the foundations for accumulating and then growing their wealth.

Physician on FIRE is an engaging personal finance website focusing on the ways healthcare professionals can earn a passive income, even as they continue to work and build their primary career. Former anesthesiologist and current retiree Leif Dahleen is a family man who wants to share the strategies that enabled him to retire in his 40s. He shares information about medical surveys and other passive income streams that are available to healthcare professionals in the United States. More information about Physician on FIRE can be found on his blog: https://www.physicianonfire.com/.

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