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Pool Cue Guide Releases Their List Of Top Pool Cues

January 31, 2019 – – Illinois, Chicago based Pool Cue Guide is proud to release their list, and accompanying reviews, of top pool cues to help players find the right cue for them. Pool Cue Guide covers a wide array of products and provides additional information on the sport and equipment. They have enjoyed positive reviews of their website from players and non-players alike.

As noted on their site, Pool Cue Guide is passionate about giving players the information they need to add that extra edge to their game. Managed by a group of Pool, Billiard, and Snooker enthusiasts, they want to share their knowledge about the sport, and review all types of related products. As the group states on their website, players, “don’t need to go here and there,” to collate data on the best pool cues they can find. Pool Cue Guide aims to do the compilation and scoring on behalf of their eager readers.

The reviewer’s work includes many articles that cover different aspects of cues and the information a player may need, along with the ability to purchase these products on their website. For instance, their content also includes interesting lists, such as the top five brands of cues, 9 ball play, and tips on how to play like a pro.

One frequent visitor to the site views it positively, saying, “As a pool enthusiast myself, I often visit the website for information so I can improve my own performance while playing. I also like to see if there are any new products I may consider buying. The site has been essential in my knowledge of the game, and of cues in particular. I frequently make my decisions on purchasing a cue based on their input, and enjoy reading their blog.”

Pool Cue Guide covers a wide array of cues in their top cue guide. They carefully categorize beginner, intermediate, and advanced players who need guidance and examples of the cues that they can use. The comprehensive nature of their examination also includes aspects such as affordability for those playing on a budget, or players with disabilities who need specialized equipment in order to play the game.

Geekimo, lead writer for the articles and blogs, writes, “As a beginner, you don’t have to always buy a professional pool cue with lots of money. In the beginning, you might break the cue by hitting the balls improperly. So now, you decide as a beginner if you should buy a professional pool cue or a cheap quality pool cue.” The website’s attention to detail is often what makes the difference between these choices for the distinguishing player.

With their newly released Top Pool Cues guide, they examine in detail each cue they cover. In their list, they first describe the basic information of the cue. They then move on to additional information that players will want to know if they have any preferences, or are looking for something in particular. This includes the build quality and sheen, the size and weight of the cue, its design and build materials, and whether it could be considered a tournament level cue. This list is by no means exhaustive, but they make it a point to include plenty of additional information that readers would like to know, and are always working to update their knowledge base so players are not left with unanswered questions. The site also lists other sources that provide additional information, such as links to websites where you can read more from the manufacturer and purchase the cue itself.

Reviewers on Amazon frequently align with Pool Cue Guide on the advantages and disadvantages of each cue, and are satisfied with their purchases. On the Cuetec cue reviewed in the list, one Amazon reviewer writes, “My pool room has a couple of areas where there isn’t quite enough room for a full stroke with a standard queue, so I got the 52-inch version of this queue, which is about 6-7 inches shorter than is typical. As others have stated, it is a one-piece cue, even though it is made to look like a two-piece. The outside is what the manufacturer says is a composite coating, which feels like a hard fiberglass shell, over what the manufacturer says is maple wood. It feels and shoots extremely well.” The reviewer found out about this cue option using Pool Cue Guide’s resources.

Pool Cue Guide’s writers are avid pool players themselves, playing at all levels of the sport. They enjoy engaging with the community as much as writing for the website and blogging.

Those looking to contact the company can either contact Martin Brauser, of Pool Cue Guide, or visit their website at poolcueguide.com. They can also be reached via their various social media pages.


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