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Premium Domain Names Now Available To Help Business Owners Get More Prospects And Clients

March 31, 2016 – – Premium domain names can be an effective way to get the attention of new potential business prospects. And as a new service, Richmond Web Marketing is now offering its clients a limited list of premium domains for sale or on a lease basis.

Many business owners are looking to attract a broader range of prospects to their websites, and owning additional domain names can help with that task. With SEO being as competitive as it is these days, any single domain name can only rank for so many keywords. However, with additional domain names, the range of keywords can be greatly expanded.

According to Elisabeth Kuhn, Ph.D., Richmond Web Marketing’s owner, people often type actual keywords into the browser window in their search for help. When someone has a toothache in Richmond and is looking for a local dentist, they might type in “dentist in Richmond.” And if DentistinRichmond DOT com is a functioning website, it will come up at the top of the search results. They may even be taken to the website directly, especially with the Google “Get lucky” feature.

While some business owners have keyword-optimized domain names, many more of them do not. Those will be especially likely to benefit from additional domain names that are optimized for their desired keywords.

Kuhn has significant experience with using SEO and suitable domain names for getting more traffic and attracting prospects and leads. With her new service, she is now offering domain names for sale or for leasing to help her clients take advantage of that extra edge.

Richmond Web Marketing is starting its Premium Domain Name service with a limited number of select domain names. However, they will offer additional names as time goes on.

The type of domain names they offer will focus primarily on two types:

First, there are domains that will be useful to lawyers, whether those are local domains such as RichmondBankruptcyAttorney DOT com, or domain names of interest to lawyers with a more national practice in the personal injury field, such as RailRoadWorkerInjuries DOT com.

In addition, they also offer domains of interest to various local business owners, such as RichmondLaserEyeSurgery DOT com or HousePaintersRichmond DOT com.

Richmond Web Marketing has set up a special website, GetYourPerfectDomains.com, for the purpose of selling or leasing these domain names. However, anyone interested in finding out more about those premium domain names can also get more information by clicking on the domain names on Richmond Web Marketing’s website or by emailing them directly.

In fact, both websites have links to make contact and get anyone’s questions answered quickly.

More information about Richmond Web Marketing’s Premium Domain Names Service and a consultation with Dr. Kuhn (by request) is available at http://richmondwebmarketing.com/premium-domain-names-for-sale


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