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Profacgen Provides Targeted Protein Degradation Service to Accelerate Drug Development

– March 31, 2022 /MarketersMEDIA/

Profacgen, one of the well-known service providers in the biotechnology field that keeps in step with cutting-edge biological research orientation and quickly responds to customer demands for new methods and techniques, now provides personalized targeted protein degradation service against the proteins of interest.

Among the proteins encoded by human genes, there are more than 30,000 proteins involved in biological functions, but only a few of them are druggable targets. As a very challenging scientific puzzle in the field of drug research and development, exploring non-druggable targets has attracted widespread attention. Emerging technologies such as targeted protein degradation technologies will greatly facilitate the development of this field. Protein degradation degrades the target protein (POI) by capturing the cell’s own ubiquitin protease system, thereby regulating the protein level, rather than by inhibiting the function of the target protein like traditional drugs to achieve its drug effect.

Degradation offers many advantages over inhibition strategies, including the opportunity to remove target proteins and the consequent ablation of all relevant functions. The unique properties of degradants provide opportunities for differentiated therapy and also for addressing diseases driven by proteins that were previously thought to be inaccessible to small molecule intervention proteins described as “undruggable”.

Based on years of experience in basic and applied research in biochemistry and structural biology, targeted protein degradation team at Profacgen is confident in delivering an optimal solution to help customers with their research projects.

At present, targeted protein degradation service at Profacgen mainly include:

Hydrophobic Tag

Destabilization Domains

Moreover, the company also provides E3 ligase and target proteins development services, Ligand discovery and design service, PROTAC in vitro evaluation, and PROTAC in vivo evaluation for PROTAC services.

“With many years of experience serving the pharmaceutical industry, we are committed to helping our customers in almost all aspects of therapy development and providing our customers with the latest technologies.” Said Crystal, the chief marketing staff at Profacgen.

For more information regarding Profacgen’s targeted protein degradation service, please visit https://www.profacgen.com/services/protac/targeted-protein-degradation.

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