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RankingMojo Launches Services to Increase Shopify SEO Rankings

With the help of RankingMojo.com, site owners can improve their Shopify SEO rankings, drive business and fast-track their online success

Ottawa, ON – June 14, 2018 /MarketersMedia/

In the second quarter of 2017, Shopify’s total revenue reached $151.7 million, which represented a 75 percent increase from the comparable quarter in 2016. In addition to the growth in revenue for this platform, the use of Shopify is also increasing.

As more people adopt and utilize the Shopify platform, they also search for new ways to master what it has to offer, improve rankings and achieve overall higher success rates. To assist these individuals, RankingMojo is proud to announce the launch of shopify seo services designed to enhance and improve rankings, along with a myriad of other benefits.

“At RankingMojo, we provide everything you need to increase your Shopify product ranking in a single place,” stated company spokesperson Nik Paprocki. “We’ve made it simple for busy entrepreneurs like to take advantage of industry-leading SEO services without having to pay the huge costs charged by other companies. We offer individual high impact SEO products include on-page optimization, blog articles, press releases and ecommerce link building services.”

RankingMojo has worked to create a central system for companies to quickly purchase new services for their search engine marketing efforts. Additionally, the service offers users the ability to keep track of rankings, all in real time. All this is possible thanks to the easy-to-use dashboard that’s available once a free account is created.

“We have created to provide our clients with the highest quality SEO services that will help propel their efforts and enhance their reach,” continued Paprocki. “We offer a wide array of services, including fully managed blog writing, on page SEO services, premium editorial links, press release and distribution and local online listings along with citation reviews. Our goal is to provide the very best SEO in the industry for your Shopify website.”

Additional information about the available shopify seo apps and other services offered by RankingMojo can be found by visiting the company’s website.


RankingMojo is a company that is dedicated to providing comprehensive SEO services for Shopify site owners who are looking to enhance their reach and sales. Working strictly with Shopify users gives the staff at RankingMojo the ability to focus on what works and avoid strategies that are ineffective or lackluster. Additionally, the company is continually striving to provide new, innovative services to keep up with the changes occurring all the time.

Contact Info:
Name: Nik Paprocki
Email: support@rankingmojo.com
Organization: RankingMojo
Address: 525-532 Montreal Road, Ottawa, ON, K1K 4R4
Phone: 1-877-293-9932

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