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Registration for 30 Day Action Plan Relaunch Announced

QuitMarijuana.org will launch the “The Quit Marijuana 30 Day Action Plan” on September 1, 2016. The rewrite has new features including chat forum and email reminders.

Vancouver BC – August 17, 2016 /MarketersMedia/ —

John Mckee of http://quitmarijuana.org is pleased to announce the Sept. 1 launch of “The Quit Marijuana 30 Day Action Plan. The registration for the rewritten plan includes new features such as Chat, Forum and improved reminders via email. The purpose of the blog and website is to teach methods to stop smoking weed. It is a step-by-step approaches with all of the necessary resources needed to quit the use of MJ.

“QuitMarijuana.org grew out of my old “The Marijuana Addict” blog” explained Mckee. “On the earlier version of the blog, I documented my own struggle, then success in quitting weed for good. Since 2008, I have helped 1000s of people stop smoking weed forever.”

The website offers online courses and a community with resources to assist any who want to quit smoking weed. The community can help users to get through the various stages of withdrawal so that there is no longer a need to live as a prisoner to the addiction to marijuana. Participating in the steps and resources offered on the site allows users to quit marijuana

“If you are experiencing withdrawal” John continues, “you are not alone. The community of those who have already gone through the effort is very supportive. Research is starting to support what many already have learned. Marijuana can be an addictive substance and it requires effort to stop using the substance. You can learn how to quit cold turkey or by tapering the usage.”

The 30-Day plan includes educational materials about marijuana withdrawal, including how to get through withdrawal and how to reduce the symptoms. Participants will learn why addiction and withdrawal are increasing in numbers and strength. A complete explanation of the phases and symptoms of withdrawal is included. An extra bonus in the program is everything which is important about Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome.

For more information, please visit http://quitmarijuana.org

Contact Info:
Name: John Mckee
Organization: QuitMarijuana.org
Address: Suite 160 422 Richards Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2Z4
Phone: (206) 734-4402

Source: http://quitmarijuana.org/success-stories/

Release ID: 128404

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