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René Perrin Discusses the Advantages of Selling Home for Cash

August 10, 2018 – – Long Island NY: Long Island NY real estate agent René Perrin talked about the top three reasons to sell a home fast for cash in his latest blog. Since starting his career as an agent, René has been able to put together successful transactions even in the most difficult situations, helping sellers make the right decisions when dealing with their properties.

As there is nothing he enjoys more than bringing about a successful real estate transaction, René always goes the extra mile when serving his clients. Committed to providing them the best real estate services possible, he launched his own website, www.sellyourlongislandhome.com, to cater to homeowners in Long Island NY who need assistance with their home sale. He uses this website to share his knowledge and expertise when it comes to real estate, writing articles that tackle the different aspects of home selling in Long Island NY.

In his latest blog post, René shared the reasons why selling a Long Island NY home for cash is a good option for some homeowners. According to Rene, taking this route particularly benefits homeowners who are going through a divorce.

René explained that for someone who is going through a divorce, selling a home in a traditional real estate transaction is not the best way to go, primarily because it usually takes an agent about 6 to 9 months to get a home off the market. “That means 6 to 9 months of paying taxes, keeping up with the home, mowing the grass, paying the electric bill, paying insurance and many more,” he said.

In such a situation, René said, the excellent solution is to sell the home for cash. “Doing so will give you quick money without the hassle. You can get fast results and you don’t have to spend months waiting,” he explained.

Selling a home for cash is also best for someone who has received a property as a last gift from a loved one but already has a home of his/her own. According to René, maintaining and keeping up with an inherited home can cost a lot of money because it usually requires a lot of repairs and updates. He said that unlike in a traditional real estate transaction where the homeowner invests a lot to fix the property so he can sell it for a good price, selling an inherited property for cash allows the homeowner to sell the property as it is, saving him time and money.

Lastly, René discussed how selling a home for cash helps homeowners who are renting out their properties get away from their bad tenants. Since it is hard to sell a property with tenants, their best option is to sell their properties for cash. He explained that this way, the homeowner can sell his property with the tenants in it. “Selling your Long Island NY home for cash can help with your rental property woes. You can sell your property with the tenants in it and you won’t have to deal with relocating them, removing or evicting them,” he said.

As a real estate expert, René can find solutions that perfectly fit the needs of his clients, regardless of their situations. For more than 20 years, he has helped home sellers deal with their real estate properties and their Long Island NY real property woes. A former client, Ryan Ingrasin, wrote in his review, “Rene quickly helped us realize how much hand-holding we needed. He was always forthcoming and routinely asked questions that directly benefited us—ones we would never think to ask ourselves. In the end, we entered into a multiple bid situation and came out on top. Aside from his advice, René really engaged us in a way that put our minds at ease.”

If anyone needs help with their home sale in Long Island NY, feel free to call René Perrin at 516-802-3785. He is a top real estate agent in Long Island NY and his expertise will help anyone achieve their real estate goals.

About René Perrin:

René Perrin has been working as a real estate agent for more than 20 years, following a successful career in the Commercial Banking and Mortgage Industry. He has completed over 100 property purchases and sales as a principal and has successfully assisted hundreds of homebuyers and sellers even in the most difficult situations. He studied Business Administration and Master of Business Administration at the Loyola University in New Orleans and is currently a licensed Associate Broker, Certified Buyer Representative and Certified Distressed Property Expert.


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