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René Perrin Talks About the Pros and Cons of a Short Sale in Long Island NY

August 10, 2018 – – Long Island NY: Top Long Island, NY real estate agent René Perrin sheds light on the pros and cons of a short sale in Long Island NY in his latest blog. For two decades, René has helped hundreds of homeowners navigate their way through the complex process of selling or purchasing short sale properties.

Committed to helping more buyers and sellers deal with short sales, René launched a website dedicated to short sales in Long Island, NY. Since its launch, this website has catered to hundreds of homeowners in the area who can no longer afford to keep their mortgage payments current and are looking for an alternative to bankruptcy or foreclosure.

On his website, René explained that a short sale involves a real property being sold at a discounted rate, where the amount received is used to satisfy the loan. According to him, about 13.5% of homes that are currently on the Long Island market are short sales.

In his latest blog titled “Is a Short Sale a Good Idea?” René talked about how a short sale works and how it can potentially benefit or hurt a homeowner. He said that while there are certain situations where a short sale may be a sound option for homeowners, there are also situations where it may not be the best course to take.

Discussing the benefits of a short sale in Long Island, NY, René said, “With a successful short sale in Long Island, you will have the house off your hands and you will be able to move forward with your life. You will no longer have to spend sleepless nights worrying about a mortgage you can’t afford. You can take control of your finances again and enjoy a fresh start.”

René went on to add that a short sale can also benefit the lender, as it saves them all the time and expenses usually associated with a foreclosure and the marketing of the property. Similarly, it can benefit the buyer as he gets to purchase a home at below-market value.

Meanwhile, René emphasized that short selling a home is a serious decision that puts one’s financial future at risk. Citing the issues that homeowners need to be aware of if they are thinking about a short sale, he said that this process does not only affect one’s credit rating but also takes several months to complete. He also cited deficiency judgment as one of the disadvantages of a short sale, saying, “Even if you have successfully sold your home through a short sale, your lender may still pursue a delinquency judgment against you.”

As a seasoned and qualified short sale agent, René understands the complexities of a short sale that are not present in a typical real estate transaction. One of his clients, Mike, wrote in his review, “René was very helpful and patient. He gave me good advice consistently and was always available. He showed my co-op many times until we got a qualified buyer and gave me advice on how to go about showing the place.”

If anyone needs an experienced short sale agent to help accomplish a short sale in Long Island NY, they may call René Perrin at 516-802-3785 and he’ll be glad to assist.

About René Perrin:

René Perrin has been working as a real estate agent for more than 20 years, following a successful career in the Commercial Banking and Mortgage Industry. He has completed over 100 property purchases and sales as a principal and has successfully assisted hundreds of homebuyers and sellers even in the most difficult situations. He studied Business Administration and Master of Business Administration at the Loyola University in New Orleans and is currently a licensed Associate Broker, Certified Buyer Representative and Certified Distressed Property Expert.


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