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Rod Santomassimo Highlights Community Support as Key to CRE Success in Latest Massimo Minute

Rod Santomassimo, in the latest Massimo Minute, emphasizes the importance of community support for achieving success in commercial real estate. He advocates for mentorship and collaboration as essential elements in personal and professional transformation, aligning with The Massimo Group’s collaborative approach to goal achievement.

Cary, North Carolina, United States – November 29, 2023

Rod Santomassimo, Founder and President of The Massimo Group, recently emphasized the critical role of community, mentorship, and collaboration in achieving transformative goals.

In his latest “Massimo Minute,” Santomassimo shared a powerful message: “Transformation never happens in isolation.”

This principle is central to The Massimo Group’s philosophy, emphasizing the significance of a supportive network in personal and professional development. Santomassimo’s statement, particularly relevant to the commercial real estate industry, underscores the value of support systems in achieving substantial change.

“Whether it’s about acquiring a new skill, enhancing health, or advancing professional skills, the path to significant transformation is more effective with the support of others,” Santomassimo remarked.

This concept of collective effort and expert guidance is fundamental to The Massimo Group’s approach, which focuses on harnessing the power of community to drive success.

The company’s latest Massimo Minute, “The One Requirement in Achieving Your Goals,” explores this idea further, offering insights and strategies for individuals and professionals aiming for excellence in a competitive landscape.

As a leader in innovative coaching and consulting services in the commercial real estate sector, The Massimo Group continues to pioneer in providing resources and strategies that meet the industry’s evolving demands.

The company’s dedication to cultivating a culture of collaboration and shared learning is evident in its wide array of programs and initiatives. Santomassimo’s message in the “Massimo Minute” reinforces the company’s ethos, highlighting the critical role of community support in the pursuit of ambitious goals.

“Our goal is to enable individuals not just to set lofty goals but to achieve them through the power of collective efforts and shared knowledge,” Santomassimo added.

For more information on The Massimo Group’s methods for goal achievement, view the latest “Massimo Minute.”

About Us: Rod Santomassimo founded The Massimo Group, a community of CRE experts dedicated to the growth of dedicated commercial real estate agents. With over 30 Certified Massimo CRE Coaches, all of whom are active commercial real estate brokers, the group brings centuries of combined brokerage experience. Leveraging the Massimo Methods(TM) their coaching clients consistently outearn their CRE peers by 7X.

In the past year alone, Massimo Coaching Clients closed $2.6 billion in transaction value. This achievement is a testament to the group’s commitment to excellence and the effectiveness of their coaching methods.

Rod’s journey, from facing early life challenges to becoming a thought leader in the CRE industry, is a testament to the transformative power of dedicated coaching. Since starting The Massimo Group during the Great Recession, Rod and his team have since helped over 4,100 commercial real estate brokers and owners, providing them with systems and processes to achieve their desired business and life goals.

The Massimo Group continues to offer resources, including free downloads, assessments, webinars, and masterclasses, to aid commercial real estate professionals in achieving unparalleled success.

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