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Running Fanny Pack Manufacturer Featured On Runner Unleashed Blog

October 05, 2015 – – Govivo, a provider of a number of health and fitness products, has announced that their Running Fanny Pack has been featured on the popular Runner Unleashed blog. The media director for the company released a statement about their latest product, stating, “We all know that training for a marathon is serious business. If you are going to be out and away from home for a while, you need to bring your essentials with you. It is with this objective in mind that the belt was manufactured using only the best quality materials to ensure that it’s durable and functional at the same time.”

The said running belt pocket has been designed such that it can be used for runners to hold their keys, cash, protein bars, or other small gear, and is the perfect size for a cell phone. “We definitely designed the fanny pack with the runner in mind,” states the spokesperson. “Our main focus is and always has been on customer satisfaction, and we thought about what we could possibly do to any normal fanny pack to make it perfect for those who run.” The spokesperson believes that the quality of material, in addition to the craftsmanship on each one, are what makes it durable enough for runners.

Runner Unleashed is a blog that is written by a semi-professional runner, who participates in a number of marathons and other running events every year. A wife and mother, the blog author began running after she was diagnosed with scoliosis when she was fourteen years old. Her blog is designed to motivate others who may also have obstacles in their life paths, and she chose the Govivo fanny pack while training for the New York City Marathon.

Govivo is a family owned and operated business. Their latest product, the runner’s fanny pack, can be seen at http://www.amazon.com/Lifetime-Warranty-Running-Belt-Reinforced/dp/B00U1QFN78. The company offers a wide variety of products, most of which can be found on the Amazon marketplace. More about them, and the list of products that they offer, can be seen on their official website.


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