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SC Home Offer Announces Greenville Homeowners Have Three Options To Sell a House

September 13, 2019 – –

SC Home Offer LLC, located at 31 Boland Ct #8100, Greenville, SC 29615, recently announced that homeowners in Greenville have three options at their disposal when selling a home. They can either sell the home themselves, sell the traditional way by employing a real estate agent or they can simply reach out to SC Home Offer and receive a cash offer quickly. Many homeowners try to sell their houses on their own which is called a “for sale by owner”. This may work for a few if they have the drive to handle all of the marketing, showings, open houses and negotiations. Homeowners who are typically successful have a broad range of contacts and find a buyer through their own personal, social and professional networks. Most homeowners are unlikely to find a buyer using their own contacts. These same sellers then end up turning to the other two options to sell.

Homeowners often enlist the services of a local real estate agent turn to sell a house. While this may be the most traditional method in selling a home in Greenville, this route is riddled with problems and obstacles all along the way. Many prospective home buyers fail to close on a property due to a myriad of reasons from an inspection report that scares them, home appraises for less, unable to obtain financing and countless other reasons why the entire process becomes tedious to the point of being frustrating.

SC Home Offer, founded and owned by Daniel D’Ambrosio, has completely simplified the process of selling houses in Greenville. It has never been easier for the homeowner to find a buyer and get a cash offer within twenty-four hours. Mr. D’Ambrosio and his team have been buying residential properties in the city and across the state for several years. The company is fully transparent of the selling process for the owner and gives them all the information they need. Mr. D’Ambrosio has several real estate specialists in residential properties in his team. They handle every aspect of the process for a homeowner who wants to sell their house fast in Greenville.

All the hassle and stress associated with waiting for a buyer, spending on advertising, staging a property, investing in repairs and actually improving the house to make it more desirable can be done away with if sellers choose to contact SC Home Offer. The We Buy Houses company in Greenville is a cash investor. It buys houses, commercial properties, condos, mobile homes and is interested in all types of other residential properties. The company buys properties regardless of the condition or location. It has purchased homes in several neighborhoods across the city. It has also bought homes that were inherited, those that could not be listed online as buyers want only the best for the lowest price, and other types of unwanted and distressed homes.

Real estate transactions are complicated. Many of the larger online “iBuyers” charge a hefty service fee and still take out for repairs. Realtors charge a six percent commission, when and if they can sell a property. The closing cost is two percent of the selling price. Other expenses can easily amount to a few thousand dollars. Homeowners will avoid all of these expenses when they sell directly to SC Home Offer. Not only can sellers secure a closing offer and choose an expedited sale but they can also maximize the net return and access the entire equity of the property quickly and easily.

SC Home Offer wastes no time in helping homeowners once they are contacted. The company schedules a visit and brief inspection promptly over the phone. They present a cash offer within twenty-four hours. The sale will close on the seller’s timeline and at a reputable local title company. Read more about how SC Home Offer buys houses in Greenville at https://www.schomeoffer.com.


For more information about SC Home Offer LLC, contact the company here:

SC Home Offer LLC
Daniel D’Ambrosio
(864) 506-8100
31 Boland Ct #8100
Greenville, SC 29615

ReleaseID: 60030420

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