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SitBoard Launches On KickStarter

SitBoard has just launched on KickStarter. They have brought on Funded Today to help bring their product to a wider audience and increase pledges for the duration of the campaign.

Dusseldorf, Germany – September 15, 2018 /FundedToday/

About SitBoard

SitBoard is a boosting footrest for perfect upright posture. Simply connect your office chair to the small ramp and move the sitBoard to your adjusted size and enjoy perfected posture. Spinal relief, decreased back pain and neck protection are just some of the benefits of using the device. This is an ultra-light design that fits all office chairs and also protects your floors. Using the sitBoard will also help you stay fit by rocking the board back and forth with your legs. SitBoard is perfect for home or office settings.

Pricing and Availability

SitBoard is available to back now on KickStarter. They are hopeful to see an increase in pledges with the help of Funded Today and their team. Once the campaign ends, the device is set to produce and ship to all backers by February 2019. The starting price for one board is $127 USD.

To learn more about sitBoard or to back the campaign, visit their page https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sitboard/sitboard-boosting-footrest-for-perfect-upright-pos

Contact Info:
Name: Samantha Adams
Organization: Funded Today

Video URL: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sitboard/sitboard-boosting-footrest-for-perfect-upright-pos

Source URL: https://marketersmedia.com/sitboard-launches-on-kickstarter/408022

For more information, please visit http://funded.today

Source: FundedToday

Release ID: 408022

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