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Smartlation Targets $42 Billion Translation Industry with New Coop Network

Empowering every translator with all the technology needed to succeed, along with support from thousands of other members, new cooperative translation marketplace has launched, Smartlation reports

HAIFA, Israel – September 1, 2017 /MarketersMedia/

The worldwide translation industry now accounts for more than $40 billion in annual revenues, according to the Globalization and Localization Association. While independent translators and small translation agencies do the bulk of the actual work, large multinationals serving as gatekeepers and facilitators take a disproportionate share of that total.

Leveraging technological advantages that simplify things for buyers, these huge corporations have so far controlled everything from pricing to promotion. A new service from Smartlation, a leading Translation Services search engine, is putting individual translators and small agencies back in charge.

By equipping these hard-working professionals with all the technological tools the giants rely upon, the new program empowers them to compete on a fair playing field. With independent translators also supporting one another through commission-generating referrals and mutual promotion, even the smallest agencies can stand on equal footing with previously dominant multinationals.

“For far too long, translators worldwide have been at the mercy of multinational giants who set all the rules,” said Smartlation CEO Gil Tamir. “Our translation search engine has helped even out the odds, and now we’re taking the next step. Our new cooperative translation marketplace provides members with every possible technological advantage, along with support from thousands of other participants. It’s high time that the balance of power in the translation industry shifted back to the dedicated professionals who actually do the work. We’re proud to be leading the way with our new service.”

Every participant in the new cooperative Professional Translation network receives a cutting-edge website where 150 languages are available to customers. When a buyer places an order for a language combination not normally covered by the translator or agency, a commission is automatically paid as the project is referred to another member, with exclusivity still otherwise being retained.

With a secure, built-in gateway accepting payments from customers by credit card or PayPal, translators receive monthly payouts by their choice of bank transfer, Payoneer, or PayPal. A simple three-click process allows customers to place translation orders through the Smartlation-provided website, with a flexible system accepting everything from Word and PDF documents to scanned-in handwriting, images, and website URLs.

Becoming part of this new, cooperative network is the best way for individual translators and small agencies to take back control of the translation market. With thousands of independent translators working together, cross-promoting, and supporting one another, focusing on anything from web localization to Legal Translation becomes far more rewarding. Translators everywhere are invited to learn more at the Smartlation website.

About Smartlation:
As the best way to shop for and find a translator, the Smartlation search engine puts a powerful, proprietary matching algorithm at the service of clients worldwide.

Contact Info:
Name: Sana Qreshi
Organization: Smartlation
Address: Natanzon St. 1 Haifa, Israel 12900
Phone: +1 646-568-7822

Source URL: https://marketersmedia.com/smartlation-targets-42-billion-translation-industry-with-new-coop-network/235503

For more information, please visit https://www.smartlation.com/coopnetwork/

Source: MarketersMedia

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