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SocialPaysMe.com Launches Incentivized Social Sharing Platform

Members Can Earn Money While Sharing Videos and Tweets

PORTLAND, ME / ACCESSWIRE / February 11, 2019 / MLM Software Developer Jim Symonds has launched SocialPaysMe.com, a Social Content Sharing and Affiliate Advertising Network that includes proprietary tools and squeeze pages, to facilitate social sharing with a unique Network Marketing Component.

To learn more about SocialPaysMe.com and how it works, please check out https://SocialPaysMe.com/PRM.

As Symonds notes, members may share videos and tweets, utilizing the network’s social sharing tools, and be optionally compensated as affiliates – when they refer new sales. Commissions are $25 a month, $80 a month or $1,000 a year.

“We all share things on social media. Shouldn’t we get paid to do that?” Symonds asked, which he admits sounded silly, but actually “just seemed to make sense”, so he rolled with it.

“My wife laughed at me at first when I told her we could all be paid up to $1,000 a sale, by simply sharing funny videos on social media. She’s not laughing anymore.”

The process is simple, Symonds said. Each member designates a video they want to share – for example, their own video or someone else’s YouTube or Vimeo link, and then is given a unique link to promote that video on the network’s own delicious squeeze page on “ShareThisAgain.com”.

Visitors are presented with the video and encouraged to “Share This Again”, and are given a choice of various social buttons to share the page on their social networks.

“We’re simply dressing up your video or tweet in its own snazzy tuxedo and sending it off to the prom, making it stand out as fun, sassy, while egging on the visitor from your own social circles to play along and ‘Share This Again,'” Symonds said.

The best way to understand SocialPaysMe.com is to see it in action. To do this, Symonds provided compelling “Proof of the Afterlife” in the very first viral video share to be sent through the network. To see how the network can be used and hear the incredible story, please click here: https://ShareThisAgain.com/AFTERLIFE.

“As you will see, the use of our video squeeze page helps encourage organic sharing. Visitors who are intrigued by the whole process can click to learn more, and be taken to the SocialPaysMe.com Social Content Sharing and Affiliate Network, where they learn more about the services and money making opportunity,” Symonds said.

SocialPaysMe.com has three membership levels: Free, Starter and Pro. Free members may use the social sharing tools, which are supported with advertising, and earn as affiliates, after passing up five sales of the same type. Starter members get their content shown ad-free along with other perks, and may earn $25 commissions on Starter sales immediately. Pro members get the most ad credits and perks, and additionally earn $80 a month or $1,000 a year commissions on Pro sales immediately. There is no pay to play and no forced recruiting.

Members may join for free and use SocialPaysMe.com’s proprietary social sharing tools, and earn as affiliates, Symonds said. All paid members are Retail Customers (Advertisers) First and Foremost, then may elect to also become Affiliates. The actual retail services are social sharing tools and advertising exposures.

About SocialPaysMe.com:

SocialPaysMe.com was founded on the simple idea that people love share good content, but aren’t being rewarded in return. So, what if people could share fun, educational,entertaining content and get paid to do it? Advertisers get maximum exposure, from organic sharing, in addition to impressive targeted, affiliate driven traffic. Affiliates get serious earning potential. Overall, it is a symbiotic win-win for the Advertisers and Affiliates alike. For more information, please visit https://SocialPaysMe.com.

Media contact:

Jim Symonds
27 Jarita Ct
Portland, ME 04103
Home Office (207) 774-1293

Social Influencers May Apply Here: https://SocialPaysMe.com/jv.php


Jim Symonds

SOURCE: SocialPaysMe.com

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