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South Jersey Cash Home Buyer Announces: We Buy Homes Fast In Southern New Jersey

October 25, 2019 – –

A locally based South Jersey cash home buyer Rapid Home Liquidation has recently announced: “we buy Southern NJ Homes Cash in 10 days or less using our own private funding and we also cover all closing costs as well.” The company began their house flipping operations back in 2016 when the owner, Brian Rudderow, sought to maximize his return on investment by doing online marketing such as search engine optimization, content marketing, and direct mail advertising.

The company has been flipping properties in the Southern New Jersey counties of Burlington County, Camden County, Cape May County, Atlantic County, Cumberland County, Ocean County, and Gloucester County and they aim to expand their reach eventually to the entire state of New Jersey and the Tri-State area.

Flipping homes for fun and profit can be an extremely fulfilling venture, but it can also be an extremely risky one as well. Investors who don’t run their numbers properly can find themselves in very unfortunate situations where they will end up losing thousands of dollars or be stuck with a home that they cannot resell. All it takes is one very small error in judgment to seriously impact the profitability and success of your project.

Selling a Southern New Jersey home to a local real estate investor can be a great option for people who have recently inherited a home, are going through a divorce, are relocating, have bad tenants, or simply just want to sell fast and get out from under the monthly holding costs such as taxes, homeowner’s insurance, utility costs, and other monthly recurring charges.

South Jersey homeowners will oftentimes find that listing a property on the open market with a licensed real estate agent can be a process that takes extremely long and usually depends on the ability and willingness of a lending institution to fund the deal. Banks will oftentimes hold up a real estate transaction from going through due to some stipulation such as an appraisal, the borrower’s credit, the condition of the property, and other terms and conditions that they enact for their own protection and benefit.

This makes selling South Jersey houses to cash buyers an extremely attractive proposition for people who simply want to avoid all of the hassles and headaches that come with listing a home on the market. Having the ability to quickly liquidate your real estate and get cash in your bank account fast is something that more and more homeowners are gravitating towards because it allows them to be more flexible throughout the transaction and craft it towards their liking instead of the liking of the banks.

Fortunately, there are a plethora of investment companies to choose from in any given major city so sellers have the ability to contact multiple companies and get multiple offers to see which one is right for them. Sometimes, though, it’s not about the sales price and has more to do with the flexibility of the particular contract. For example, some investment companies won’t allow people to remain in the property after the closing has taken place and they want them out immediately with all of their personal belongings.

Other investment companies will execute what is known as a “post-closing occupancy agreement” which legally allows the homeowner to remain inside of the property for up to 60 days past the closing date. This not only makes the deal more attractive for the seller but it also gives the investor a great bargaining chip to use to get the homeowner to agree to the transaction in the first place.

Homeowners who are in a position to want to sell a south jersey home fast should contact the organization through their website and fill out the form on the homepage to get a risk-free, no-obligation, fair cash offer in under 24 hours.


For more information about Rapid Home Liquidation, contact the company here:

Rapid Home Liquidation
Brian Rudderow
7201 Keystone St Ste 204
Philadelphia, PA 19135

ReleaseID: 60032072

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