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Starke Spine And Injury Announces New Location In Starke, FL

April 16, 2019 – – Starke Spine and Injury is excited to announce the opening of their newest location in Starke, Florida. The growing company continues to add to its existing clinics in the state. The chiropractors at the office in Starke pride themselves on providing gentle, whole body care for their clients. This means that the professional medical team forgoes the loud, dramatic popping of joints that is common for many other practices and focuses instead on carefully administering the necessary therapy. While the clinic offers a wide range of services for patients with all kinds of ailments, their medical team is highly trained to work with those who have sustained injuries in auto accidents.

Car accidents can result in painful, long-lasting injuries that often cause the victim to experience symptoms that get in the way of their careers, hobbies, and mobility. Fortunately for those who live in proximity to any of the company’s Florida locations, they can access some of the state’s best-rated care for back, neck, and joint injuries sustained in a vehicle crash. With a fully equipped facility and staff, patients of Starke Spine and Injury can expect a full consultation at their first appointment.

During this free consultation, the specialists will talk to the patient regarding the nature of their injury and the pain they are experiencing. Sometimes, diagnostic testing will be ordered in the form of an X-ray, ultrasound, MRI, or CT scan so the doctors can fully understand the extent of any injuries. Once the clinic’s medical team has a thorough grasp on all injuries and symptoms, they work closely with the patient to build a treatment plan that is designed to specifically address the bodily damage. Each unique treatment plan helps their patients recover more efficiently, while also taking into account their budget and schedule.

Due to the large number of patients who come to Florida Spine and Injury clinics for care after auto accidents and work accidents, the chiropractic office began to notice that many of these patients were not at fault for their injuries. Understanding that they could do much more to help their patients beyond physical recovery, the clinic began to forge relationships with local attorneys that specialize in slip-and-fall, workplace, and car accidents. Patients of Starke Spine and Injury benefit from the treatment they receive, but also from the collaboration between their medical team and local lawyers. The chiropractic clinic is able to support both the patient and their legal team by providing all the paperwork from consultations, diagnostic tests, and all past, current, and future treatment.

In addition to their wealth of experience working with victims of accidents, Starke Spine and Injury doctors also offer many other, unrelated services. The medical team can provide care for those who need pain relief in various areas of the body, physical therapy, sciatica treatment, exercise therapy, chiropractic adjustment, spinal decompression, and much more. The clinic also works with many patients who suffer from neuropathy. This condition is commonly induced by diabetes, exposure to toxins, or various infections and can cause damage to nerves throughout the body. It is typically treated with medication, but the pain, numbness, and tingling it causes can be greatly diminished when therapy is provided in conjunction with medical treatment.

The chiropractic clinic also offers their patients free transportation to treatment if they have mobility or vehicular issues. For patients who have recently been in a car accident, this policy is life-saving, since driving can often make them uneasy—and many have sustained critical damage to their car and currently lack other transportation.

Those who wish to learn more about the clinic and the many services they offer may contact Dr. Jonathan Walker, D.C. of Starke Spine and Injury, or visit their main website at https://www.flspineandinjury.com/. The website’s contact page lists all of the clinic’s Florida locations, including their newest one in Starke, Florida, and includes the relevant driving directions and contact information. Prospective patients may fill out the consultation form with details about their injuries and their contact information to get in touch with the chiropractic practice and schedule a free consultation.


For more information about Florida Spine and Injury, contact the company here:

Florida Spine and Injury
Dr. Jonathan Walker, D.C.
(352) 251-3699
1541 SE 17th Street
Ocala, Florida 34471

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