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Status Transportation Reviews FMCSA Rules On Electronic Logging Devices

July 25, 2016 – – Status Transportation has announced that they are preparing for the final rule issued by FMCSA and that they agree with CarrierWeb, the ELD provider to start implementing the ELD installation on selected trucks as a means of preparation for the final date which is Dec 18, 2017.

The ELD rule was implemented to create a safer working environment for truck drivers. It provides an easier way for drivers to track and manage duty status data, and share that data as needed.

“We’ll be implementing installation on our selected trucks, beginning immediately,” states Erik Chavez of Status Transportation in Winter Garden, Florida.

The ELD synchronizes with truck engines to record driving time automatically, making it easier to maintain correct data and ensuring the accuracy of hours of service recording. Chavez states that it is a must for any owner operator, as it helps them to avoid penalties and other issues related to incorrect data.

“For carriers who are using automatic onboard recording devices before the compliance date, the rule replaces those with ELDs,” says Chavez. He states that this replacement will take place over a four year period.

Chavez states that the ELD rule will impact all carriers and drivers who are currently using paper logs or another logging software, and that those drivers will need to have the new system implemented no later than December 18, 2017. Carriers who use AOBRDS before the compliance date should have all of their transitions completed by December 16, 2019. Enforcement partners should understand these guidelines to ensure that all transitions are made on time. Manufacturers of ELD systems should have those ELDs certified and registered with the FMCSA within a timely manner.

The entire process, according to Chavez, is designed to streamline the trucking and delivery industry and to ensure that drivers are practicing safe transport by not being on the road more hours than what is currently allowed by law without a break for rest.

The company adheres to laws and regulations regarding safe driving methods. More about the company, as well as various Status Transportation reviews, can be seen on their official website.


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