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Study Shows Housing Costs, State Taxes Draining Portlanders Resources

August 10, 2018 – – Augusto Beato, CEO of Portland SEO, praised city officials for policies reducing transportation costs but noted that housing woes are draining the resources of residents.

A study by MagnifyMoney, a credit card comparison company, revealed Portland families are also spending more for state taxes and childcare expenses.

Portlanders pay more than the national average for housing ($1,600, national average $1,486), childcare ($959, national average $790) and state taxes ($600, national average $236). They also pay more in federal taxes, food, and household operations.

On the other hand, Portland families pay less for health insurance, transportation, and utilities.

Portland SEO is dedicated to disseminating vital information for Portland residents. Those seeking to tap Portland SEO’s services may reach Augusto Beato via his Twitter account.

Credit card comparison company MagnifyMoney looked at the monthly expenses for a family of three in the largest 100 metro areas in the United States, including housing, transportation, food, and utilities.

They subtracted bills, savings for retirement, taxes, and average student loan payments from a monthly income of $8,333 per month. MagnifyMoney ranked the cities based on the family’s disposable income or what was left over after all the bills were paid.

Portland came in 12th in the U.S. with $538 per month of disposable income, which is less than half the national average of $1,223 per month.


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