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Summer Marketing Tips For Small Businesses – How To Get More Leads, Prospects, Customers, and Clients

June 29, 2016 – – Elisabeth Kuhn, Ph.D., the founder and owner of Richmond Web Marketing, offers tips to help business owners avoid the summer doldrums. She suggests that they use the slower summer months to actually grow their business and get more leads, clients, and customers.

Summer is traditionally seen as a difficult time for small business owners. So many of their customers and prospects go out of town, and unless their products and services are actually in season during the warmer months, business can get very slow indeed. It’s easy to become discouraged and let those marketing efforts slide.

But that would be a big mistake, Kuhn says. Once they resume their marketing activities in September, they’re bound to find themselves disappointed. That’s why she decided to share her summer marketing tips for small businesses on her website.

Richmond Web Marketing helps business owners get found online and look like the experts they are. This helps them attract more high quality customers and clients. And those efforts don’t have to stop just because it’s summer.

In fact, Kuhn argues, business owners can actually use the slower season to their advantage. She suggests starting right at the office. There are so many tasks that remain undone during the busy season. During a good part of the year, there is just not enough time to get them all done.

So she recommends taking advantage of the slowdown to take care of those undone tasks, be they filing, cleaning up a cluttered inbox, or even making extra phone calls to prospects and customers. It’ll be easier to connect with them while they are less busy as well.

In fact, being able to connect with prospects is one of the big advantages of summer marketing. Kuhn shares how business owners can finally connect with hard-to-reach contacts more effectively during the summer months than during the rest of the year.

In addition, she expands on the meaning of the term “summer networking” and suggests ways in which business owners can take advantage of many different summer events, both outdoors and indoors, to strengthen their business. She even includes tips on how to connect most effectively with potential leads and prospects they might encounter in unexpected places.

“It’s important to make an extra effort to continue to connect with leads, prospects, and clients during the summer,” Kuhn points out. “It will help you get ahead of the competition, most of which is discouraged the summer doldrums and won’t start their lead generation activities until fall arrives.”

Kuhn shares more business growth tips on her website and blog, Richmond Web Marketing. She also offers a free 30-minute consultation to business owners who would like to get more leads and clients. Kuhn’s mission is to help them get found online and look like the experts they really are. More information is available at http://richmondwebmarketing.com/summer-marketing-tips-for-small-businesses.


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