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SuperJeweler Conquers The Natural VS Lab Grown Diamond Divide

One diamond retailer manages to embrace both natural and lab-grown diamonds by proving the merit of both collections.

New York, NY – March 22, 2023

The diamond industry is going through a turbulent time as the debate rages on between natural and lab-grown diamonds. Many retailers have had substantial problems relating to this topic. Some decide not to sell lab-grown diamonds as they feel this impacts the sale of natural diamonds. SuperJeweler is one of the few retailers to conquer the natural vs lab-grown diamond divide by embracing the unique properties of both collections. It’s been incredibly successful, with both natural and lab-grown diamonds selling phenomenally well. 

Embracing The Merits Of Both Diamonds

Diamond retailers are struggling because both sets of diamonds come with pros and cons. Lab-grown diamonds are obviously more ethical and sustainable, which is a big tick in the positive column. The downside is that many consumers see them as substandard. When people want to buy a wedding ring or diamond jewelry as a gift, they want to ensure it’s of the highest quality. 

On the other side of things, natural diamonds are a scarce resource. This makes them incredibly rare and valuable, which consumers love. The problem for most retailers is that they choose to sell one or the other. They feel as though they must sacrifice their sales on natural diamonds if they’re to sell lab-grown ones – and vice versa. 

This is where SuperJeweler comes in with a unique approach. Instead of pitting both types of diamonds against one another, this retailer has done the opposite. It has embraced the brilliance of each category, treating both ranges as having their own merit. Natural diamonds are embraced and lauded for their natural beauty and rarity. Lab-grown diamonds are being marketed by SuperJeweler as a technology product; an innovation in the jewelry world. 

Both diamonds have value, but the values are different. SuperJeweler clearly outlines this for all to see, highlighting the unique benefits and properties of lab-grown diamonds on its website. At the same time, it continues to showcase and embrace the brilliance and quality of natural diamonds. 

Allowing both collections to live in harmony has led to immense success for this diamond retailer. Perhaps it’s time for other retailers to follow suit. SuperJeweler is revolutionizing the way people buy diamonds. It’s no longer a case of natural vs lab-grown, but rather a celebration of both options and what makes them unique. 

About SuperJeweler

SuperJewler is a jewelry retailer that offers amazing jewelry at the lowest prices. It has been in operation since 1999 and has a global network of suppliers to find the best deals on diamonds, gemstones, and fashion jewelry. The team has over 50 years of experience in this industry and boasts offices in the US, India, Sri Lanka, and China. 

For more information, visit the website here: https://www.superjeweler.com/

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