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The Marketing Heaven Releases Study Showing Significances of Video Marketing

May 19, 2017 – – The Market Heaven, an online based marketing company, has released statistics showing a tremendous effect of video marketing on startup and established businesses. The report was released recently to assess the impact of video marketing and social media marketing among businesses.

“Video marketing is powerful. It is so powerful that a recent study we carried out shows that about 61% of businesses that use online marketing have incorporate videos in just the past one year. Similar studies have also shown rising trend in use of online video among statistics. However, it was only till we completed our study that we realized that we need to mobilize as many startups to incorporate video marketing into their business promotion messages,” Johan Gruff, the website founder says.

In a similar study done among established online businesses in the US last year, an overwhelming number of respondents, 74%, reported to have experienced increase in sales and website presence due to their videos. About 80% of the respondents further noted that incorporating social media marketing had boosted their company’s growth rate at tremendous rates.

In addition to releasing info graphics, the Marketing Heaven has also published an article that details the benefits customers who used video and social marketing gained. One of these benefits is that videos boost sales and engagement with customers. According to Johan, the response for people who added video marketing to their strategies in the past one year has been greatly positive. Johan cites a study that compared videos to pictures in terms of success rates-except for the fact that videos had much higher success rates.

“For customers who already found their online marketing methods successful, video marketing had a much bigger impact than social media. But to customers who combined both social media and video marketing among other tactics, online marketing has become their almost most important marketing tool,” Johan from The Marketing Heaven notes.

The study further notes that businesses that incorporated video marketing reported an increase on their return on investment after one year. The report explains that video marketing has become cheaper than most people anticipated. In addition, the fact that it has more impact than most other tactics used in Internet marketing makes contributes tremendously to the overall return on investment at the end of the year. According to Mercy Rose, the company’s spokesperson, video marketing also improved SEO ratings, customer trust and loyalty in measures that text couldn’t.

“We are experiencing a situation where your website gains visibility in double digits thanks to videos alone. This happens because customers stay at your website for longer-in a way showing search engine that you have quality content and therefore deserving better ranking. Our respondents also noticed that they gained loyal customers with increased efforts to add videos to their marketing strategies,” Mercy says.


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