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The Net Lender Delivers An Update On The Economy

April 16, 2019 – – Many citizens in the United States (US) are rejoicing at the current unemployment status in the country. As of 2019, the unemployment rate is at an all-time low of 3.7%, which is much lower that it has been in the previous years. However, while the creation of new jobs due to a boom in the current economy is a blessing for millions of people across the US, many citizens continue to struggle to make ends meet.

While an increase of employment opportunities in the country should be a cause for celebration, many hard-working people are quickly realizing that having a job doesn’t necessarily guarantee an easy, prosperous life.

Although more people are currently holding jobs in 2019 than in recent years, the average cost of living nationwide has risen by almost 15% in the last three years alone. Notably, an increase in job opportunities does not necessarily mean an increase in income. While unemployment is at an all-time low, the average family’s income has not risen in proportion with the increasing cost of living in the US. This means that more people have jobs, but they also continue to struggle to pay for necessities like housing, transportation, medical care, food, power, and other essential goods.

In order for some families to survive they have to resort to bankruptcy or foreclosure as they simply cannot keep up with their demanding finances. While these processes can be useful in dire financial situations, they have a lasting impact on credit scores—and many are still left with some debts even after using these options. For those who feel as if they have nowhere else to turn, The Net Lender (TNL) offers cash advances to individuals regardless of their financial status or credit score. Those who wish to browse a list of the company’s service locations may click here.

The Net Lender is able to offer financial assistance of various amounts to anyone who owns a car title. Exclusively using the title as collateral, the company allows the owner of the vehicle to continue to use the car during the entire process. This policy ensures that The Net Lender doesn’t take away many of their clients’ only means of transportation and put them at an even greater risk of financial ruin.

“I have never had the need to seek out financial aid before and was skeptical of the service at first, but because I was behind on several bills, I had no choice but to seek the Net Lender’s Help,” says former client Harry S. “Their wonderful staff instantly put me at ease and thoroughly answered all of my many questions about the process. I was especially nervous that using my car title to get a cash advance would impact my ability to continue to use my vehicle to get to and from my job. Now that I am educated on the world of cash advances, I feel very comfortable using this type of service again.”

Many people who seek out TNL’s services do so because they have fallen victim to high costs of living that most areas in the United States face. Unfortunately, the high expenses that many encounter just by paying for basic amenities means that they are unable to start saving for the future. This creates situations where people are unable to pay unexpected medical or legal bills because they don’t have finances put aside for emergencies. Many Net Lender clients use the company’s services to simply get ahead on bills and other expenses so they can put themselves in a situation where they can start saving money for the future.

While many people across the country face high costs of living that make daily life laborious and essentials difficult to come by, those who live in California have it especially hard. In this region, the average cost of housing alone is hundreds of dollars above the US average. Fortunately, TNL helps California residents when they face these tough financial situations.

The cash advance company makes it easy for clients to access the funds they need by making the application process a simple endeavor that is available to any individual, no matter what type of financial situation they find themselves in. The Net Lender can approve a client’s application in as few as twenty minutes. Once approval is confirmed, the individual can receive their money in less than 24 hours. This makes the financial aid service especially enticing to those facing emergency bills, or bills with looming deadlines.

In order to conveniently serve their many clients, The Net Lender has hundreds of physical locations across the country. Those interested in the services the cash advance company provides can visit The Net Lender’s website and fill out the contact form provided, call the phone number listed to speak with one of their highly trained experts, or simply visit one of their many locations. Go to the company’s website to view their addresses and look up driving directions to any of The Net Lender locations.


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