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The Next Generation of Public Blockchain – PDX Public Blockchain

SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / July 13, 2018 / “PDX public blockchain” is for the first time in the world to truly restructure blockchains for real-world use cases. It supports one-click creation of blockchain instances and smart contract environments tailored with specific security, privacy, trustworthiness and performance preferences. It enables implementation of fully private smart contract applications on public and alliance blockchains. It revolutionizes the performance of blockchain and eliminates the technical-economical barriers of development and adoption, making the blockchain truly suitable for real-world applications.

Since the launch of the PDX public blockchain project, it has been strongly favored by investment institutions around the world with the private placement completed very quickly. Some of the institutions are, Lenovo Capital, Pagoda Investments, Kinzon Capital, INBlockchain, Grand Shores, NGC, Genesis, DFUND, Coin Capital, Huaxin Chain Capital, BC Fund, Full Currency Network, BlockArk, CryptoBazar Fund, Reflexion Capital, Blockpower Capital, ICOdrops and SFM Fund etc. Quite a few of these institutions, not only participated in investing in the Project, but also formed long-term strategic partnership with PDX.


Thanks to the project’s major technological innovations, the PDX public blockchain project has attracted so much attention. It is really a rare high-quality project.

PDX is a real all-purpose blockchain platform. It is different from many blockchain projects that are simply based on open source platforms such as Ethereum and Fabric, it truly reconstructs the blockchain from bottom up to make it suitable for real-world applications, e.g. its massively scalable, high throughput and low latency consensus algorithm (PDX consensus), its massive ledger algorithm, its truly private smart contract architecture, its support for multi-chain, cross-chain, mobile and IoT, massive data etc. The PDX platform has already been used in real-world applications in many heavyweight business-end enterprises in the past two years. The application scenarios cover supply chain finance, traceability, certification, content distribution, disaster recovery, distributed multi-party reconciliation, and more.

PDX has applied for three heavyweight PCT patents, namely, a massively scalable, low latency, high concurrency and high throughput consensus algorithm, a massively scalable blockchain ledger algorithm, and a flexible smart contract architecture for fully private applications.

The innovative PDX blockchain hybrid cloud enables the creation and full-spectrum customization of service-specific blockchains and smart contract applications. The PDX blockchain platform is based on its own patent-applied consensus architecture. Each service blockchain and smart contract application on the PDX platform enjoys trust endorsement from the whole ecosystem. In a real application scenario, it is expensive and difficult for a business to implement a secure and trusted blockchain network. The PDX public blockchain platform makes it a reality, with low or no cost, by supporting “one-click” creation of service chains tailored with specific security, privacy, trustworthiness and performance preferences.

The PDX blockchain stack employs a novel “blockchain container” architecture and blockchain “engine” abstraction. This makes it possible to customize and upgrade on-the-fly the blockchain stack underneath a service chain or a smart contract application, as well as hot-upgrade and hot-swap the smart contract applications in the ecosystem. It also enables automate multi-chain and cross-chain for all smart contract applications.

In addition, the international background of the founder of PDX, Mr. Zhang Jiangang (aka JZ) is also one of the factors that made the PDX public blockchain being favored. He has served as a senior technical executive at several multinational companies:

Cisco (CISCO) Enterprise SDN Division, Principle Engineer (director level);

Yahoo, Distinguished Architect, chief security architect and Expert Member of Yahoo’s Tech Council;

PayPal, Staff Architect, established and led the company’s Java infrastructure team;

Cingular Wireless (now AT&T), highest ranking architect and member of the CTO Architecture Review Board (ORB);

Platform Computing, Senior Architect, led the restructuring of its hyperscale grid computing cluster and cluster interconnect platform architecture;

Mr. Zhang’s tracking record is a strong proof of his comprehensive abilities, including technical excellences, operations, execution and industry connections, all of which are critical to the success of the PDX public blockchain project.

Most importantly, Mr. Zhang has extensive experiences and in-depth expertise across a wide spectrum of technologies crucial to the success of blockchain projects, e.g. Internet and distributed network, large-scale global deployment and operations, cryptography, security, privacy, high performance distributed systems, payment and clearing, big data, clustering and grid, mobile and IoT, etc. It is extremely difficult to find such an experienced and qualified architect in the entire world to architect the next-generation blockchain that’s truly revolutionary and for real-world scenarios! This makes everyone full of expectations!

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email: info@pdx.ltd

telegram: t.me/PDXbaap

Twitter: twitter.com/PDXbaap

Web: http://pdx.link


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