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TNL Launches Assistance Program for Students in California

November 08, 2018 – – TNL is a company located in California. This company has just announced that they are beginning a scholarship to help local students that plan on attending a trade college or school.

TNL’s Director of Operations, James Hall, explained the reasoning behind this scholarship as being due to the fact that “Many people in today’s financial climate do not have the ability to enter higher education due to the high prices. We feel, as part of the community in California, that it is vital to give back. The future of this company rests on our children being educated. Often times people who can qualify for college, are often worried about accumulating over $100,000 of student loans. The scholarship program will help reduce the burden of borrowing.”

According to many online surveys, California is the second most expensive state in the United States to live. Adding up housing, childcare, and insurance, those costs alone are enough to make daily life difficult for middle-class Americans. Just because the economy is faring well at the moment does not mean it will still be doing well in the future. Hall states that the best time to start putting back savings for a child to attend college is at birth. Hall believes that after birthing a child that parents should begin to at least consider saving up for their child to go to college. While there are several different options for savings plans, a popular one seems to be the College 529 plan.

Those who would like more information can reach TNL toll-free at 888-539-4724 and one of their representatives would be happy to help.

For more information on their scholarship program, visit TNL’s website or learn more here.


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