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Travel in Style (Safely) on Your Royal Holiday Cancun Mexico Vacation

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO / ACCESSWIRE / June 20, 2019 / You can’t beat that feeling of excitement and anticipation ahead of a life-list trip to Mexico. Even just exploring online and putting together an itinerary of fun outings gets your adrenaline going. Then it’s deciding which flip flops and beachwear to bring, booking a flight, and packing.

However, you also need to be cognizant of potential pitfalls or hazards along the way and safety is a critical concern when traveling to any foreign country. To that end, you want to partner with a reputable travel and resort company with your best interests in mind.

The Royal Treatment for 30 Years

Royal Holiday Vacation Club launched in the mid-1980s and today is one of the world’s most well known travel companies with 30 years’ experience in international tourism. Royal Holiday works hard to go above and beyond to deliver the best of everything for their guests and was recently awarded a 5-star safety rating.

What does that mean for you? It means you can travel to your Royal Holiday destination of choice and focus on the holiday, with no worries about safety. Well over 9 million people travel to Mexico every year, including 150,000 Americans every day. If you’re one of those people and visiting a Royal Holiday resort such as Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, or Ixtapa, you can rest assured every step is taken to ensure yours is the trip of a lifetime.

Safety concerns take many forms, with a trio of them slotting in highest on the importance scale: Accommodation, Travel, and Water.

The last thing you want to experience on a trip is theft of valuables, whether it is from your hotel room, beach, or shopping areas. Royal Holiday hotels include the very best accommodations safety measures from the moment you check in and it is a top priority to remove any concerns for guests’ personal possessions.

Unless you’re a seasoned traveler well versed in a foreign country’s personality and expectations, it can be a little nerve-wracking stepping off that plane in a strange land. For that reason, Royal Holiday provides arranged transportation for its guests throughout their stay. It can be a hassle struggling with baggage and children and this service removes that element, allowing guests to relax knowing they will arrive safely to their destination.

At many all-inclusive and similar resort areas, guests are often on their own once they arrive. This is especially true in the expansive pool and beach areas. With so many people around, accidents can happen and be unnoticed when it counts most.  Royal Holiday has integrated water safety measures in place including safety rules for children and for water sports on the ocean. It is another contributing element of overall guest safety and comfort.

You Are the Number One Priority

In and around your chosen Royal Holiday destination, from Baja to Cancun, local police presence works extremely hard to keep area residents and visiting tourists safe from harm. As one of the most popular traveler clubs in the world, Royal Holiday takes pride in continually receiving reviews from guests who felt safe and comfortable every moment of their trip.

Mexico is among the world’s most beautiful vacation destinations; chock full of extraordinarily beautiful places, delectable dining, quiet beaches, and endless adventure. Guests booking through Royal Holiday get an extra bonus of taking all of that in with an all-over feeling of peace, without worrying about any negative outside influences.

Indeed, Royal Holiday’s stringent safety standards have resulted in zero complaints and an enduring reputation for top shelf traveler safety. Members of its travel clubs receive the “royal” treatment for the entire family and each club maintains active safety checks and traveling plans to ensure convenience and protection.

That’s the kind of peace of mind you want when kicking back on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta, navigating old town Cancun or delving into the rainforests. If you want to island hop to soak in ambience on many levels, your travel plans are carefully reviewed for safety first and suggestions to make lifelong memories.

In addition to safety, Royal Holiday has received numerous other awards and recognition from renowned tourism organizations overseeing quality control within the industry.  They have currently been recognized for tourism and safety from this years ExpHotel Conference, an award renowned in the hospitality industry.

To find out more the Royal Holiday Vacation Club contact number is (800) 961-1810.

SOURCE: Royal Holiday Vacation Club

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