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Wholesale Bubble Mailers Now Available Through Mailers HQ

July 13, 2018 – – Mailers HQ, based in Newark, NJ, is proud to announce the release of their wholesale bubble mailers. They offer these at wholesale prices with low MOQ and free shipping to East Coast addresses. Those interested are encouraged to visit the Mailers HQ website for more details on prices and availability.

A representative from Mailers HQ says: “Bubble mailers are a great solution since they don’t wear or tear easily and have substantially high tensile strength so the goods being shipped are not damaged in transit. A wrong choice of packaging material can cost a fortune as the company may have innumerable damaged goods returned and the payments have to be refunded.”

The company’s self seal bubble mailers, often known as padded shipping envelopes, are designed to ensure that all goods are protected during packaging and shipping. Hence, they can lead to a significant reduction in the number of damage claims a business can receive. Indeed, many companies have noticed a positive impact on their gross profits, not in the least because these envelopes also help to reduce the cost of shipping.

“We encourage you to look through our availability and enjoy big savings,” continues the representative. “We offer these Kraft envelopes in a variety of different sizes, from #0 to #000 and everything in between. We even have CD size. Our warehouse is in Newark, NJ, and all orders are shipped directly from there. Also, shipping is free to New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maryland, Massachusetts, D.C., and Pennsylvania.”

Bulk padded envelopes are one of Mailers HQ’s most popular products. In addition, they also offer a wealth of other shipping supplies, including poly bubble mailers, fillers, envelopes, stretch and shrink wraps, packaging tape, and more. Customized mailers can also be created upon request. The representative says: “The possibilities are endless when you can print your company’s branding and marketing material on any of our products.”

People are encouraged to contact Mailers HQ to review the options that are available for them. Wholesale prices are available on all bulk orders, helping businesses obtain significant savings on their overall shipping and handling costs.


Contact Mailers HQ:

(646) 883-9365
380 Jelliff Ave
Newark, NJ 07108

ReleaseID: 60021327

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