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Zofran Lawsuit Alleges Drug Exposure Caused Cleft Palate, Clubfoot, And RDS In Infant

December 01, 2015 – – ZofranLegal.com reports on a lawsuit which was filed by a mother from Arkansas against pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline and their anti-nausea drug Zofran. Details of the suit indicate that the mother alleges that her son’s multiple birth defects: cleft palate, clubfeet, and respiratory distress syndrome, were caused by exposure to the drug while he was developing in the womb. After being born in 2007, the woman’s son had to undergo several surgeries in attempt to repair some of these congenital defects.

Additional details of the lawsuit explain that the mother used Zofran in an attempt to ease nausea associated with morning sickness. She notes that she used the drug for just one of her 3 pregnancies, and this child was the only child to develop defects. Morning sickness symptoms are commonly most prevalent during the first trimester of pregnancy, which also coincides with the time that the fetus does much of its limb, mouth, and heart tissue development.

This plaintiff is joined by many who allege similar complaints. Parents across the nation have spoken out and filed suit against GlaxoSmithKline and Zofran, alleging that the drug also caused their child to be born with congenital defects. The defects most commonly noted in these lawsuits are transposition of the greater vessels, cleft lip and palate, clubfoot, atrial septal defect and ventricular septal defect, kidney defects, and tetralogy of fallot.

Within their arguments against the drug, many plaintiffs point to the fact that Zofran was never FDA-approved or tested for safety on expectant mothers. The United States Food and Drug Administration initially approved the drug in 1991, but approved it specifically to treat individuals suffering from nausea and vomiting after undergoing radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or anesthesia. Despite this specific approval, GSK moved on to market the drug “off-label” as a treatment for morning sickness to pregnant women and OB/Gyns across the nation. The drug quickly became the most popular morning sickness drug prescribed by OB/Gyns.

Since initially launching this campaign, it has been alleged that GSK received over 200 medical reports warning them that children who were exposed to the drug through their mothers while developing in utero were being born with birth defects. Unfortunately, the drug continues to be prescribed in this “off-label” fashion today, as lawsuits begin to mount.

At this time, the Zofran birth defect lawsuits filed against GSK have been compiled to form multidistrict litigation number 2657. This consolidation is done to expedite the legal process and conserve resources for all involved. As these Zofran MDL cases await trial, the attorneys at Monheit Law are working to ensure that everyone involved has had the chance to evaluate their legal rights. Women who used Zofran while pregnant and who subsequently gave birth to a child with birth defects may be entitled to legal action and significant compensation. Currently, Monheit law is offering those affected free legal consultations.

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