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123Employee Opens New Virtual Assistant Center

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / June 30, 2015 / 123Employee, a Las Vegas, NV business, is proud to announce the opening of a brand new center to house their virtual assistants. The business offers outsourcing services, such as virtual assistants, to a variety of enterprises and small businesses. Their goal is to take a stand against overworked employees, thereby increasing overall efficiency and productivity and, ultimately, profits. By opening the new center, 123Employee hopes to be able to service even more business around the world.

“We have recently opened a brand new center in which 320 of our virtual assistants will be housed”, says LJ Gacho from 123Employee. “We are currently going through around 30 applications each night, where we put potential assistants through written and oral tests. Only the best, less than 2%, end up getting a job with us.”

With the new center, 123Employee will hire nearly a thousand employees overall. The new employees will be working with split shifts, so that the virtual assistant service can be offered around the clock. This also means that businesses from all over the world can utilize the service, as it is able to span timezones. A particular benefit of this is that it means businesses can still communicate with others who are in different time zones. For instance, a company in New York can conduct business with a company in London with far greater ease.

“The opening of 123Employee is a dream come true for us, our clients and the local community”, says Daven Michaels, Founder and CEO of 123 Employee. “Our purpose is to empower lifestyle start entrepreneurs, make them more successful, help them to get their time back and their lives back.”

The company offers a service that improves their clients not just on a business level, but on a personal level as well. They do this by giving personal attention to each of their clients, which they achieve also by running each facility individually. Their unique service has received many positive reviews ever since the business first started.

123Employee first opened its doors in February 2003. At that time, they had just 10 employees. Over the past 12 years, they grew into a leading business that companies from all over the world come to in order to outsource some of their services. Their goal is to ensure small businesses and entrepreneurs can save time and money, ultimately increasing their bottom line. One of the things that really sets 123 Employee apart is the fact that they focus on their social responsibility, by working from the Philippines, giving impoverished people an opportunity to improve their lives as well. However, only very few are able to make the cut and become a 123Employee.

SOURCE: 123Employee

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