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3 Young Entrepreneurs leading the fight against COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS

MUNICH, GERMANY / ACCESSWIRE / April 30, 2020 / As of today's date, there are over 3,000,000 confirmed cases & over 200,000 deaths reported globally due to the Covid 19 epidemic. There are a lot of challenges the world is facing currently & will face in the near future due to this immense calamity. There are already estimations of losses up to $8 trillion to global economy & job losses at unprecedented levels. Although most businessmen at this time might be worried about reopening the market and restarting their business right from scratch. There are some exemplary entrepreneurs who are using their skills, acumen & network to help fight the battle against Covid19.

People might be sitting at home watching Netflix, cooking, or just chilling while the frontline fighters of the Covid War namely doctors, nurses, police & other essential service personnel are putting their lives on the line. But their efforts are being subdued by the shortage of protective equipment like masks, coveralls & PPE kits etc. Since the world is facing this crisis together and without preparation, there are huge shortages & supply chain barriers which make the availability of important equipment even more scarce.

While everyone else can just be a spectator some are taking the initiative of asking themselves – "How can I help?". Four young entrepreneurs namely Dr. Evan Singh Luthra, Nicholas Duro, Paurush Kumar & David Wang are bridging gaps in the supply chain of mask & other protective gear equipment procurement & fulfillment in countries like China, Germany, Dominican Republic, India, Switzerland, UAE, USA and more.

After the outbreak of corona virus halted the international trade routes & intra nation transport, it got almost impossible to even maintain the proper supply of medical equipment which was a necessity to tackle COVID-19 infection. The national governments & healthcare industry was working under a shortage of masks & other protective gear. This situation limits the capability of healthcare professionals to do their job but also exposes them to the risk of acquiring the disease. Finding out about this troublesome situation Evan Luthra who is an entrepreneur & the founder of StartupStudio decided to use his experience, business network & acumen to find solutions to barriers in supplying Corona Prevention supply.

He got together with Nicholas Duro (founder & owner MaskMarket), Paurush Kumar (Trinaya Legal) & David Wang (founder of Harbor Health) and created an all star team that can manage functions of economical procurement, quick delivery & legal compliance. This dream team is creating an open & secure channel for ensuring the delivery of protective medical equipment even when international borders are being closed. In general manufacturing of medical equipment and delivery is a process which is completed in multiple countries. For eg: the raw material will be sourced from Vietnam going to a manufacturer in India who ships products to China to be packed from where the products go to warehouses in Spain & finally get delivered to hospitals in US. But this kind of process is not sustainable in the current lockdown scenario as every country is exercising its own set of restrictions.

So what did these guys do? Well, they brainstormed and cataloged every manufacturer who was able to provide quality supply, researched & established shipping routes & verified legal obligations to figure out the perfect procurement & delivery structure for Corona prevention products.

Dr. Luthra took care of finding & verifying the manufacturers and suppliers in regards to their location, production capacity, certifications & safety measures. He also invested in his own manufacturing units across the world where production is being increased to match the increasing demand on an everyday basis. Besides being a mastermind for the whole project Dr Luthra is using his network to authenticate demand as well by establishing that only genuine hospitals, healthcare ministries & non-profits working to fight the coronavirus epidemic are handed over the equipment & not middlemen looking to make a profit.

Nicholas Duro took the responsibility of figuring out the correct trading routes where there were no delays and bureaucratic barriers in managing the logistics of medical equipment. As the need for medical PPE kits & masks is urgent, the delivery time becomes the most important factor in the operation. The doctors & other medical staff are not able to do their job of saving lives in the case of absence or delay in receiving the protective medical equipment. Hence the international & national level transportation needs to be highly coordinated & friction-free to ensure that front line fighters receive the required tools to fight. Nicholas already manages the logistics for his private island business so using his experience & network he intelligently figured out logistics routes & vendors who can handle the responsibility diligently. The contribution made by Nicholas' reduced the overall delivery time by 60% and shipments are being delivered from places in Asia to Europe & Americas.

David Wang has founded Harbor Health in Germany, Europe. The mission is to improve the lives of millions around Europe by responding to the shortage of protected gear equipment.

Together with Evan and Nick, he advised on various transactions for large volume protected gear equipment to ensure that an end-to-end trusted supply chain is guaranteed during the peak of the COVID-19 crisis. Overall, Evan was one of the key investors of Harbor Health and he placed an initial seed investment to implement a trusted supply chain for protected gear equipment in Europe.

Harbor Health also donates part of the profits back to those who have been made redundant and who have been affected during these unprecedented times with its #MaskOn Campaign.
For Charities and non-profits Harbor Health makes available masks in high volumes at-cost prices and has most recently worked with AD Singh Charitable Trust to donate hundreds of thousands of masks in New Delhi, India.

The final piece of the puzzle is legal compliance. In major purchases across borders, there are a lot of financial & legal standards that have to be taken into account while structuring the deal. And international exports require a lot of certificates & permissions to be approved beforehand otherwise shipments can be halted in the middle of the journey. In order to resolve this conundrum, Paurush Kumar from Trinaya legally stepped in to manage the contracts & structured every deal to comply with legal standards. His help ensured that payments & interests of all parties involved were secured via iron clad contracts.

The team also took care of establishing that only genuine hospitals, healthcare ministries & non-profits working to fight the coronavirus epidemic are handed over the equipment & not middlemen looking to make a profit. The entire undertaking by these 4 young entrepreneurs is an example of modern-day problem-solving. In a pandemic scenario that nobody was prepared for, these guys are showing everyone how to eliminate challenges and inefficiencies through team building & utilizing competencies to the maximum potential.

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