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A Local Shipping Store in Santa Fe, NM Highlights Their Holiday Gift Services

November 29, 2019 – –

Santa Fe, NM. – The holiday season is fast approaching and with it, the rush of finding the right gift for loved ones and family members. While many are searching malls and outlet stores for items on their list, some gifts that are more difficult to find. It can be more of a challenge to find gift ideas that carry meaning and can be cherished for longer than the holiday lasts. To help, a local shipping store in Santa Fe, NM is highlighting their holiday gift services that create lasting memories.

For any occasion, especially around the holidays, people love receiving cards. A beautiful and unique greeting card with a personal message written inside is always a sure way to show someone they are cared for. The Mail Box Store in Santa Fe carries a wide selection of greeting cards in Santa Fe for any occasion, including graduation cards, wedding cards, Christmas cards, and 3D Lovepop cards. Additionally, for those looking for a little extra gift to send with a card this season, The Mail Box Store is fully stocked with gift cards to restaurants, home improvement stores, movie theaters, retailers and more.

Not only does The Mail Box Store offer a variety of cards, but they also offer ways to create gifts that can be difficult to find elsewhere. With everything moving to digital these days, film is becoming increasingly tough to find. Many people still have film tapes from their childhood and younger years that hold precious memories of family and friends. The Mail Box Store in Santa Fe offers a service to convert various film formats to a digital file. “Preserving cherished memories, often saved on obsolete formats, and transferring them to DVD so everyone can easily relive them is such a unique and surprising gift,” says John Todd, a manager at The Mail Box Store. “Time and again, we hear how thrilled loved ones were to receive a gift allowing them to relive special moments previously locked away on dusty old reels, slides or VHS tapes. And the best part is watching the DVDs together once the gift wrapping’s off.”

The Mail Box Store is the place for anyone’s packing, shipping, printing and business needs in Santa Fe, NM. Their team of dedicated, professionally trained experts understands the meaning of customer care.

For more information about The Mail Box Store Santa Fe, call their office today at (505) 930-7766 or visit their website: https://www.tmbssantafe.com/.


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