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Academy for Yoga Professionals Launches Structural Yoga Anatomy Alignment Workshops In San Francisco Bay Area

June 30, 2015 – – Academy for Yoga Professionals’ Nicole DeAvilla, E-RYT500, RPYT, RCYT is happy to announce that she will be delivering workshops as a guest teacher at the new facilities for the Ananda Wellness Institute of Yoga and Ayurveda. This institute concerns itself primarily with the foundational and continuing education of yoga teachers. Specifically, DeAvilla will be focusing on structural yoga anatomy alignment. She hopes that her workshops will be very popular and that more yoga instructors will be able to demonstrate these techniques to their students.

Nicole DeAvilla has years of experience in running workshops and other teaching methods. She has also been featured in various television interviews, as well as online TV interviews. Furthermore, she regularly speaks on the radio. One of her main areas of focus is the “2 Minute Yoga Solution”, in which she demonstrates how easy yoga can be fitted into a busy schedule and what its benefits can be. Indeed, an increasing number of Fortune 500 companies are encouraging their employees to take up yoga for relaxation and DeAvilla has frequently offered consulting and coaching services to businesses as well as independent yoga professionals.

“Nicole is an amazing teacher”, says A.C., a DeAvilla student. “She is very knowledgeable. I learned a lot more about yoga and proper alignment in one weekend than in my 5 years of yoga practice.”

DeAvilla offers a consulting and coaching service that enables yoga professionals to see how they can use the tenants of yoga to profitably align their strategic business goals with their service and personal goals. Indeed, her methods have helped various yoga businesses to actually grow. This is because she works with systems which allow yoga professionals to be empowered with personal wellness, motivation and drive along with business strategy. She offers yoga professionals and yoga businesses a free strategy session in which they work together to identify goals, to see what a current situation is, what steps should be taken to reach the goals, what types of actions can be taken straight away and what next steps should be.

At the Ananda Wellness Institue of Yoga and Ayurveda, DeAvilla is providing training for yoga teachers and therapists, as well as body workers with a yogic background. It is also open to other students of yoga. The workshops will focus specifically on recognizing how students’ postures are imbalanced or otherwise not properly aligned. At the end of the workshops, practitioners will be able to recognize poor and proper alignment and have the skills to make sure their own students can practice safely. The workshops are registered with the Yoga Alliance, which means they also provide continuing education credits.

The workshops start with a meditation, followed by an asana practice. A second meditation will conclude each workshop. Those participating are asked to come wearing comfortable clothing and to be ready to increase and enhance their existing yoga knowledge, as such improving themselves as well


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