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After Ketoscan Mini, Sentech GMI to Launch New Improvised Ketoscan Lite

Following the success of Ketoscan Mini, Sentech GMI will soon launch a new breath ketone measuring device Ketoscan Lite which will be more portable, faster, more convenient and more economical.

TORRANCE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 30, 2020 / Leading breathalyzer company Sentech GMI is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of their new advanced portable breath ketone measuring device Ketoscan Lite the coming month. A successor of the company's highly popular Ketoscan Mini, the Lite will bring a more improvised version with increased portability and better user convenience.

As the leading product in the ketone meter market today, Ketoscan Mini is equipped with an ultra-high-precision acetone gas sensor that measures acetone gas among ketones generated when body fat is decomposed. The Lite can check the body fat burning rate as well. Besides, the upcoming breath ketone measuring device features advanced sensors which can be used up to 300 times.

Renowned for their cutting-edge Breath Acetone Meter Technology, Sentech GMI has carved a big niche for themselves in the market with the Ketoscan Mini breath ketone measuring device. The product can offer up to 99 ppm breath ketone readings in three seconds only. It also comes with a patented self-diagnosis function which allows the device to check its sensor status on its own.

"We are glad to announce the upcoming launch of our state-of-the-art breath ketone measuring device Ketoscan Lite. It's especially designed for people under Keto diet and will help them to know whether or not they are in Ketosis. The Lite is a successor to our Ketoscan Mini which has already covered a good market since its launch and the upcoming product will be a more advanced version of its predecessor", stated a leading spokesperson from Sentech GMI.

Per the statements of the spokesperson, while the Mini has already garnered rave reviews, the upcoming Lite is claimed to offer a more enhanced user experience. While the previous product takes 3 seconds to measure breath, the Ketoscan Lite will only need a short breath to show the breath results. Besides, unlike its predecessor, Ketoscan Lite does not follow USB charging rather it uses alkaline batteries that improve both portability and user convenience.

Additionally, Ketoscan Lite is designed to be more economical and easier to maintain compared to Mini. Unlike its predecessor that needs users to spend money on disposable mouthpieces, the upcoming product will require consumers to use more cost-effective drinking straws that will eventually lower the maintenance cost. The Lite will even come at a lower price point compared to Ketoscan Mini.

Speaking on, the spokesperson said Ketoscan Lite will work in tandem with a mobile app where users will be able to write their Keto diaries and monitor Ketosis stats easily. The app will sync up with a carb manager app "FatSecret" which will enable users to record various aspects of their Keto journey, such as diet checks, daily goals, physical condition and so on.

"Our upcoming Ketoscan Lite will be the ideal device when you are looking for a simple and easy device to keep tab on your ketone level while on the go. It's handy, portable, affordable and also easier to maintain. Most importantly, the Lite promises completely easy operation and perfect accuracy. Count on Lite as your ideal partner for your Keto journey."

Ketoscan Lite will be officially launched in the mid quarter of October, 2020, on Amazon.

About Sentech GMI

Sentech GMI is the subsidiary company established by Sentech Korea, more than 20 years of law enforcement use breathalyzer specialized brand based on superb mass production technology of breath gas sensor with outstanding precision and durability. After ten years of research, ultra-high precision acetone gas sensor is developed, and KETOSCAN is released.

For more information, please visit https://ketoscan.com


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