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Art Houz UK Shines at the 6th London Art Biennale 2023 with Senthil Kumar’s Cynical Realism Series and Dr. Shanthi Priya’s Inspiring Artwork “Meraki”

Art Houz UK is showcasing Senthil Kumar and Dr. Shanthi Priya’s exceptional talent at the 6th London Art Biennale 2023. Kumar’s cynical realism series explores nation-building and peace, while Priya’s “Meraki” showcases her passion for art.

United Kingdom – September 22, 2023


Art Houz UK is proud to showcase the exceptional talent of Senthil Kumar and Dr. Shanthi Priya at the 6th London Art Biennale 2023. Kumar’s cynical realism series, which focuses on the ideology of nation-building and peace, connects past and present through historic iconography. On the other hand, Dr. Shanthi Priya’s artwork titled “Meraki” embodies her passionate approach to art, showcasing the essence of herself through acrylic on canvas. Let’s delve deeper into the world of these extraordinary artists and their unique contributions to the London Art Biennale.

Senthil Kumar: Bridging the Past and Present

Senthil Kumar’s artistic journey is rooted in his academic background from art school. His cynical realism series explores the hermeneutics of period histories and contemporary representations of socio-political inquiries. Kumar’s work interconnects art, society, culture, and critical theories, creating a dialogue between the past and the present. His ability to excavate the medium from history and contextualize it within today’s society makes his art a powerful reflection on the world we live in.

Dr. Shanthi Priya: Passion and Inspiration Personified

Dr. Shanthi Priya, a disabled artist and consultant ophthalmologist, brings a unique perspective to the London Art Biennale. Her artwork titled “Meraki” is an embodiment of her approach to doing things with passion and wholeheartedness. As a self-taught artist and Parkinson’s disease warrior, Priya’s journey is an inspiring testament to the indomitable spirit of the human soul. Through acrylic on canvas, she captures the essence of her being and invites viewers to embrace their own passion and creativity.

Art Houz UK’s Commitment to Exceptional Artistry

Art Houz UK has established itself as a platform for exceptional artistic talent across various mediums. By presenting the works of Senthil Kumar and Dr. Shanthi Priya at the London Art Biennale, they continue to champion artists who push the boundaries of creativity and provoke thought-provoking conversations. Art Houz UK’s commitment to showcasing diverse perspectives ensures that visitors to the biennale will experience a truly captivating and inclusive art gallery UK event.

The Impact of the London Art Biennale

The 6th London Art Biennale 2023 is a celebration of artistic diversity and innovation, where artists from around the world come together to share their unique perspectives. This global gathering of talent creates an enriching experience for art enthusiasts and visitors alike. The London Art Biennale’s selection process ensures that only the most exceptional artists are featured, providing a platform for both emerging talents like Senthil Kumar and differently-abled artists like Dr. Shanthi Priya to showcase their exceptional artwork to a global audience.

Mayor Councillor Preety Hudd: Recognizing and Celebrating Inclusivity and Diverse Perspectives in Art

Art Houz UK is also honored to have received personal appreciation from distinguished guests, including the Mayor Councillor Preety Hudd. The Mayor has expressed admiration for the exceptional talent showcased through the artwork of Senthil Kumar and Dr. Shanthi Priya, particularly highlighting the importance of inclusion and representation in the art gallery in United Kingdom and the world. The Mayor’s recognition further emphasizes the significance of the London Art Biennale in promoting diversity and empowering differently-abled artists. Art Houz UK remains committed to showcasing exceptional artistic talent across various mediums and promoting diverse perspectives in the art world, ensuring that everyone’s unique voice is heard and appreciated.

“A Meeting of Artistic Minds: Art Houz UK Excited to Meet Renowned Sculpture Atelier Axel Becker”

Art Houz UK is thrilled to meet the highly acclaimed sculpture atelier, Axel Becker. With his expertise in creating exquisite sculptures, Axel Becker has built a reputation as one of the best in his field. His artistic prowess is well-known and has earned him recognition both locally and Internationally.


The 6th London Art Biennale 2023 promises to be an extraordinary event, and Art Houz UK’s participation elevates its stature even further. Senthil Kumar’s cynical realism series and Dr. Shanthi Priya’s inspiring artwork for sale in UK “Meraki” adds a touch of brilliance and depth to this prestigious art event. As visitors immerse themselves in the diverse range of artistic expressions and thought-provoking narratives, they will witness the power of art to connect, inspire, and transcend barriers. The London Art Biennale is a must-visit for anyone seeking a captivating and transformative art experience – a celebration of creativity that will leave a lasting impression.

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